Agusta Yr portfolio for VICE

What It's Like to Be the Only Person on Earth

For years, photographer Agusta Yr imagined a world where she was alone. So she made it real.

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Let’s face it: Photography is fucking boring. I came to this conclusion after my first year studying it. But when I started messing around with my images and stopped caring about the “rules,” it became exciting again.


The following images are inspired by a children’s book I used to read growing up in Iceland called Palli var einn í heiminum (Paul Is Alone in the World). It’s about a little boy who’s so selfish, he wishes he was all alone in the world, and one day he wakes up and he is. The idea of me being the only person on earth—that the world could fully revolve around me and my appearance—is a ridiculous one. But it’s something I have thought about a lot over the past few years. In this series, I finally see what that could result in, which is basically the world of a dumb millennial.