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These Indonesian TikTokers Won’t Let Jakarta’s Floods Get in the Way of Fun

Jakarta’s yearly floods tend to bring out everyone’s political side, but some locals would rather greet the rain as nonchalantly as possible.
Indonesia TikTok Funny Jakarta flood videos
Collage by VICE. (L) Photo of flood in Jakarta by FIRMAN DICHO/VICE. (R) TIKTOK screencap via TWITTER

This article originally appeared on VICE Indonesia.

Mark Manson doesn’t need to teach Indonesians the subtle art of not giving a f***, because they’ve got that covered.

Jakartans have barely had a chance to recover from the floods that devastated the city less than two months ago, on New Year’s Eve, which claimed the lives of 67 and caused over $75 million in damages.

Now, Indonesia’s capital city and its surrounding areas have been hit by its second wave of floods of the year, bringing on more political blame games and social media wars. People are arguing over which politician failed to prevent the floods and how President Joko Widodo promised in 2014 that he would solve the flooding issue if he were elected.


As netizens engage in mindless debates instead of discussing policies that might actually make a difference, Jakarta continues to sink and floods continue to inundate the city. Luckily, Indonesians have a great sense of humour and decided to TikTok their worries away.

One video shows a young boy casually strutting through gushing water:

Another shows a conga line of teachers:

Here are your local aunties getting goofy:

One girl used the flood to channel her inner Pamela Anderson:

Jakartans also made the most out of a dire situation during the January 1-5 floods, catching fish and eels, swimming, and hauling things around in boats. Hats off to them for keeping their cool during an extremely stressful and potentially dangerous period that has seen houses destroyed, people displaced, and important documents lost (If you’ve ever experienced Jakarta’s bureaucracy, that’s a nightmare in and of itself).