Tommy Robinson Is Being Chased For His ‘Missing Millions’

The far-right activist was ordered to pay a Syrian teenager £100,000 in damages after losing a libel case but hasn't paid a penny.
Simon Childs
London, GB
Insert Far-Right Activist Tommy Robinson Chased For £2m Debts
Tommy Robinson outside Westminster Magistrates Court in London last year. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images.

Far-right agitator Tommy Robinson is being chased for £2 million in unpaid legal fees and damages – but it is believed he could have millions stashed away. 

Former English Defence League leader Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – declared himself bankrupt in March last year, before losing an expensive libel case against a Syrian teenager.

But anti-extremist campaign group Hope Not Hate, which is funding an investigation into his bankruptcy, believe Robinson has up to £3 million gained through property acquisitions, investments, donations and book sales.


Creditors have asked for Robinson’s case to be transferred to an independent insolvency expert to investigate whether his bankruptcy claim is genuine or whether he is hiding assets to avoid paying his debts. 

In July 2021 Robinson was ordered to pay £100,000 in damages to Jamal Hijazi. Robinson lost a libel case against Hijazi, who he had falsely portrayed as a violent thug who had attacked “young English girls” when he was 15 years old. He also owed £1.5 million in costs to Hijazi’s lawyers.

Robinson is also in debt to a former business partner, UK tax authority HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), and Barrow-in-Furness Council.

Shortly before he declared bankruptcy, Robinson divorced his wife, Jenna Lennon. She owns a large house in Bedfordshire and there have been building works taking place in recent months, including the creation of a gym, a games room and a new double garage. Robinson has been spotted there chatting to builders, the BBC reports.

Nick Lowles, CEO of Hope Not Hate, said: “Jamal Hijazi is a victim of Tommy Robinson’s vitriol, and it is important that Robinson is held to account. We cannot stand aside and let this hateful far right extremist defraud an innocent victim out of a life-changing sum of money and walk away free to continue to spread his vile ideology with the help of the millions of pounds he claims not to have. 


“It is wholly unjust that while his victim’s life has been turned upside down, Tommy Robinson carries on his life as before. Tommy Robinson has to understand that there are real consequences to his hate. It is time to make him pay up and ensure that his victims get proper justice.”

Robinson lives a lavish lifestyle thanks in part to the financial support of his donors, including ordinary supporters giving what little money they have. One email from a donor seen by the Independent said, “I have just donated £20 for your cause Tommy, sorry I cannot afford any more as I am only on minimum wage.”

He has also made money from book sales and speaking events. In 2017 he was employed by Rebel Media, a right-wing outlet, on a salary of around £5,000 a month.

Last year Caolan Robertson, a former assistant to Robinson, claimed that the far-right agitator misused his donations. “We realised that he was withdrawing huge amounts of [donations] in cash from a business bank account, and just giving it to his friends who were selling him coke and who he owed for nights out,” he said.

Robertson said that while drunk, Robinson would boast of being “fucking loaded”. But Robinson denied the claims saying, “I have the utmost respect for my supporters and have never behaved in a dishonest way towards them.

“I confirm that I do not use cocaine and prostitutes. I do wear designer clothes and always have done. I had other sources of income including from building and property development and tanning shops. I no longer have any assets or income.

“Any purchases of personal items such as designer clothing have been paid for personally.”