Weekly Horoscope: September 13 - 19

We have to balance our ideals and realities.
September 13, 2021, 3:09pm
Robin Eisenberg

We have to balance our ideals and our realities as the sun faces off with Neptune, the planet of beliefs, on Tuesday, September 14, at 5:20 AM. This could be a moment when certain delusions are released as more details are discovered. This may be grounding or even embarrassing, since our dreams are confronted with a coarse grain of salt. It’s possible to lean into the illusion and make yourself seem larger than life, though—it depends which side you take!


Action planet Mars enters peaceful, lazy Libra, the sign of its antithesis, at 8:13 PM. Mars is at home in Libra’s opposite sign, Aries. In Libra, Mars has a different way of handling its usual dealings in confrontation and battle. Rather than being assertive, Mars is passive; there’s a willingness to make amends and avoid conflict rather than pushing through it.

We’re making forward progress with conspiracies and secrets as the sun harmonizes with Pluto, lord of the underworld, on Thursday, September 16, at 9:52 PM. This can provide a sobering perspective of wealth inequities, as well as an ability to process and distribute large sums of money. This is happening in an earth sign, so hidden resources, materials, and physical objects are indicated.

There’s trouble in paradise as love planet Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of restrictions, on Friday, September 17, at 2:14 AM. This is breakup energy. If relationships aren’t meeting your standards, they need to change. Venus and Saturn together make a strong, honest bond, but this hard aspect implies that something is happening, that we’re striving toward something that can feel permanent. Love is not supposed to be rigid, restrictive, or cruel.

This month’s juicy and sweet full moon in Pisces begins to creep in this weekend as the moon enters Pisces on Saturday, September 18, at 4:22 PM.

All times ET.


After a strong battle with your chores and work, you’re ready to confront more pressing commitments: relationships. Your planetary ruler Mars enters your chart’s house of partnerships, bringing more spice and energy to this area of your life. This can be through you provoking your partners to get a reaction, or them passively pining for your attention! Virgo season still asks you to focus on health and lifestyle. You make major progress toward your end goal as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto. You can see your ultimate destination and break it down into pieces so that it’s easily attainable, like a five-year plan or even a daily ritual. Either way, you’re getting a leg up!


The end of summer always holds potential for pleasure and love for Taurus, as it’s the time of year when the sun moves through one of the luckiest and happiest places in your solar chart! While you can find lightness and sensual pleasure in your social, creative, and sex lives, there are also some challenges that you’re currently facing. The planet of love, Venus, is in your chart’s house of relationships, connecting you with the values that you share in a partnership. Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, which can stir up some feelings of rejection or disappointment when things don’t meet a high standard. You might need to make some changes to your expectations in order to keep your peace. At the end of the day, it’s liberating.


The end of summer is always restful for Geminis, as the sun hits the lowest point in your chart, bringing you home to replenish your energy. The sun faces off with Neptune, the planet of delusions, bringing a sobering take on your career. You can use your hidden perspective to generate more mystery and confusion: What is the narrative that you want to play into? Or what myths do you no longer want to be part of? The sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, and you’re clued into something dark and transformative. The full moon coming up next week will bear fruit in your career and public life! You have been working toward something pretty important, and it’s almost time to share.


Virgo season is a time for you to get your thoughts organized! This moment is about getting your receipts in order, and processing all the things that you read. Compartmentalizing is a key word. As the sun faces off with Neptune, the planet of beliefs, you’re throwing old ideals out the window. It’s a wake-up call, and an adjustment, as you begin to realize ways that you were in a hazy mindset. This can also be a time when your research supports your far-out ways of thinking. The sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, and you’re reading very deeply into your relationships, allowing you to gain more trust from people as you recognize their patterns and weaknesses. The planet of action, Mars, charges into your chart’s house of home and family, bringing more initiative and activity to your domestic life.


Virgo season helps you pay off the debts you incurred during your birthday month. But in all seriousness, you’re seeing what you have to share and how you can be of service to others using the things you keep in your pantry. The sun faces off with Neptune, helping you come to terms with misunderstandings in financial matters. From this vantage point, you can ask for things you need and make a really convincing case for yourself. The sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of hidden resources, and you might be able to tap into something that wasn’t so obvious before! Promises are being made or broken as love planet Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments, indicating a change in interpersonal agreements.


It’s possible that you're realizing how you’ve made excuses for other people’s behaviors and now coming to terms with how you’re going to take accountability for yourself in the relationship, as the sun faces off with Neptune, the planet of beliefs. You’re ready to shine a light on ways that you have lost sight of yourself in relationships, and ready to be honest about the role that you play. The sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, and it gives you motivation to pursue your desires. You’ve gained deep insights into your sex and dating patterns, and are now using your logical mind to make a resolution moving forward! The full moon in Pisces comes next week, which will bring conversations that you’ve been having in your relationships to a climax!


There’s been a lot of energy to volunteer or confront things that don’t often get enough attention as action planet Mars moved through your chart’s house of public service. Now Mars enters your sign, bringing you personal strength and attitude. The coming weeks find you asserting yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable or pushy! You don’t like to insist, Libra, but you still find a way to do it gracefully. You’re getting deep personal insights into your behavioral loops as the sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, bringing psychological breakthroughs. Your planetary ruler Venus clashes with Saturn, asking you to invest your time in your relationships wisely! Maybe you don’t have the energy—or money—to attend every event and have to come up with a new way to enjoy yourself.


You’re hiding away in your scorpion lair as your planetary ruler Mars enters a secretive and hidden part of your chart! You’re ready to move in silence. This is also an apt time to use your energy for public service and volunteering. You’re finding ways to connect your community to resources and create a network of support as the sun harmonizes with your modern planetary ruler, Pluto, which also rules hidden resources. Venus in your sign connects you to money, love, and art. Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, and you have to make changes in your relationships and domestic life in order to have privacy and time for yourself to do what you want to do. Your desire might be as simple as a moment to rest.


You’re ready to let go of some ideas that you used to have around home and family as the sun faces off with Neptune, the planet of beliefs. You’re ready to invite some realism into that arena as you are more focused on your life’s goals around this time of year. There is a better understanding of your family and home because you’re able to see things from a bird’s eye view, or from an outsider’s perspective. The sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of resources, and you have the ability to show everyone what you have to offer, or the things that you’ve been hoarding. Next week’s full moon in Pisces is beginning to culminate, and it will bring clarity to issues that are deeply personal, and usually not given enough awareness.


After aggressively pushing your spiritual and tourism agenda, action planet Mars enters your chart’s house of career and public reputation, invigorating your relationship to the public. The coming weeks are marked by you demurely and passively flaunting how far you’ve come. You barely need to flex, Capricorn—your muscles speak for themselves! The sun harmonizes with Pluto and you’re getting a deeper understanding of your habits, fears, and patterns. By bringing awareness to things that seem too big to handle, you make them manageable. You’re ready to share secrets and break the mountains into molehills. Venus clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, pointing to investments into your community. The needs and desires of the network that you’re a part of can make your paycheck slow to arrive.


Money and paychecks are a prominent theme as Virgo season illuminates issues concerning material possessions, especially those that are not solely yours! You’re in touch with your reputation and trying to bring more attention to your accomplishments as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves through your chart’s house of career and public reputation. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goal as Venus clashes with your planetary ruler, Saturn. There’s a strong push to make a sacrifice or a commitment, or to take on more self-discipline in order to attain your desires. Consider what you value at your core, and what the sense of urgency truly has to tell you! This might just be pressure from what a boss or authority figure values, pushing you to spread yourself too thin. You can meet this with resistance.


Virgo season brings a lot of energy to your relationships, whether that means welcoming new people into your life or seeing who can fit into your schedule! The sun faces off with your modern planetary ruler Neptune, and you’re learning how you have been misunderstood, or using your relationships as a looking glass to better understand yourself! Conversations that clarify your beliefs take place . The sun harmonizes with with Pluto, the planet of taboos, giving you a more compassionate understanding of certain habits, secrets, and gossip among your friends. The full moon in Pisces is coming up, which will bear fruit in your relationships! You’re seeing what roles you play in the lives of others, and whether you want to keep participating in the fantasy.

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