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Tripadvisor Plus Is Like Amazon Prime for Travel

It’s time to GTFOH. For less than a hundred bucks a year, Tripadvisor Plus members can save on hotels, flights, experiences and more.
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So, we’re not exactly sure what the deal is with traveling during these Delta-variant days, but we do know one thing: We want to GTFOH. Big time. After a year of planning lavish trips to faraway lands and stocking up on high-tech camping gear, we’re ready to strap on our fanny packs, unfurl a touristy map, and get galavantin’. 

However, we splurged on many a mental health purchase during the pandemic, and we haven’t been able to muster the courage to peek at our Wells Fargo app since we meme-slapped our card down for some post-vaccine wardrobe “necessities.” So, we’ve been on the hunt for some potential saving schemes to help us ditch our apartments for greener pastures, literally, and we think we’ve found something worthwhile. We give you: Tripadvisor Plus.


What Is Plum Guide, the Highly ~*~Aesthetic~*~ New Airbnb Competitor?

On June 16, TripAdvisor launched the new program, which is a subscription service that unlocks special rates on all kinds of travel costs, including airfare and accommodations—kinda like, as they refer to it in a press release, "Netflix for travel." For $99 a year, Tripadvisor Plus members can enjoy savings on hotels, flights, experiences and more. 

At the risk of coming off as a Big Business Shill, we actually dig this idea. It’s kind of like an Amazon Prime membership for global travel—except that it’s not contributing to the extraterrestrial aspirations of a billionaire (we think). 

$99 at Tripadvisor

$99 at Tripadvisor

So, how does it work? If you already have a Tripadvisor account, simply upgrade to a Plus membership to browse deals that change daily. Or, just filter your hotel search to see which locations have Plus savings and perks. People who join save an average of $350 the first time they use their membership, according to the site, which is more than thrice the yearly cost of the membership. (I got a D+ in an econ class in college, so you can trust me.)

For example, Tripadvisor Plus members have saved $91 per night at Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg in Paris, $157 per night at the Elizabeth Lifestyle Hotel Milano, and a whopping $5,052 over six nights at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui

You’re probably thinking, ehh, seems a little too good to be true. We get it, we do. But from what we're seeing, it's looking both good and true; sick and tight; and the exact nudge you’ve been needing to finally whisk your SO away to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Or, you know, anywhere else. (We kid, AR, we love you.)  


Though, we really do mean anywhere else—or at least anywhere that’s home to one of the 100,000+ hotels around the world where Tripadvisor Plus members get access to special prices and perks, extra savings on nearly 400,000 experiences, savings on flights via Dollar Flight Club, and ~elite status~ (even though you were already elite) on Hertz rental cars with a waived Young Renter fee for people under 25. [Exhales.]

Oh, do you not have an assistant that handles your travel itinerary? How sad. Well, Tripadvisor Plus throws in a “personal travel concierge” via Tripadvisor Text, who handles all of the deets. From the hassle that is trip planning to the minute you touch down and have signal again, simply text your virtual pen pal whatever you need (a hug, perhaps?), and they’ll be there for you. 

Tripadvisor Plus Membership, $99 per year at Tripadvisor

Have the travel bug but still need to WFH? No problem—we’ve got you covered there, too.

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