British Tourists On a Post-Lockdown Holiday Caused Chaos in Magaluf

"Total chaos. Hundreds of sons of bitches from Great Britain. No face masks on, jumping on top of cars, drunk, drinking alcohol in the street."
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A security guard keeping watch in Magaluf in 2014. Photo: zixia / Alamy Stock Photo

A 2019 study revealed that Britain holds the most negative view of its own tourists – a view that has been validated, once again, after Brits were seen rampaging through the streets of Magaluf just days after compulsory quarantine restrictions were lifted.

On the 6th of July, the UK government announced that holidaymakers would be allowed to visit certain European countries without a mandatory two-week quarantine period upon their return. One of these countries, Spain, is home to the island of Mallorca and its popular resort town of Magaluf. Holiday bookings to Mallorca increased by 96 percent after the announcement, according to the Association of British Travel Agents, and some of those who quickly booked in a post-lockdown holiday are now loudly making themselves known.


A video taken last Thursday, which has gone viral this week and caused outrage in Spain, shows drunk British tourists in Magaluf dancing on cars while not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. It has been reported that the group caused almost £2,000 of damage.

In response, one local wrote on social media, "Total chaos in Punta Ballena [the street where the video was filmed]. Hundreds of sons of bitches from Great Britain. No face masks on, jumping on top of cars, drunk, drinking alcohol in the street. A disaster. Where’s the police? A fucking disgrace."

Another resident told the Telegraph, "The scenes you saw the other night in Magaluf are the response to tourists' anger at bars having to close at 2AM." This was confirmed to VICE News by officials from the municipality of Calvia, where Magaluf is located.

"The video circulating on social media is from the night from Thursday to Friday on Punta Ballena street, where, apparently, a group of tourists got together at the closing time of premises (2AM). Some were arrested by the police," said a spokesperson. "The Calvià Town Hall regrets this attitude and behaviour."

British tourists causing chaos in Magaluf has long been a problem for local authorities. In February of 2020, a "decree against drunken tourism" was introduced that banned alcohol sales between 9:30PM and 8AM in affected areas, as well as pub crawls and drink discounts in bars.

Mallorca's hotel association also encouraged member hotels to ask tourists to sign contracts promising that they would behave themselves while on the island. Tourists found to be breaking the code of conduct – by, for example, jumping from their hotel balconies into a pool – were warned they could be fined up to £51,000.

"There have been years of work to avoid situations [like this], fighting against drunken tourism, which has led to the recent approval of the decree, to improve the quality of tourist areas," said the Calvià Town Hall spokesperson. "Calvià has been working for many years to welcome responsible tourism, and will not allow attitudes like these to spoil the image of a destination that wants to offer the best to its visitors, and that continues to work to remain a safe destination."