Weekly Horoscope: February 22 - 28

Venus enters Pisces and there's a full moon in Virgo!
February 22, 2021, 1:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

On Wednesday, February 24, warrior Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto and there is a ruthlessness toward accomplishing a task…at your own pace, of course! There may be some cut corners and serious money moves. Mars is currently taking its sweet time in Taurus, but its connection to Pluto brings a deep reserve of energy that is ready to be used.

At 8:11 AM on Thursday, February 25, love planet Venus enters Pisces. While Venus is more at home in Libra and Taurus, Pisces is the sign where Venus goes on a luxury retreat. In Pisces, the planet of love and values can indulge as much as it wants. There is more than enough love to go around!


There is more interest in experimenting at 4:13 PM on Thursday, February 25, as the sun connects with Uranus, the planet of inventions. There are opportunities to do something you’ve never tried before, and to bring a friend along for the thrill.

A full moon in Virgo arrives on Saturday, February 27, at 3:17 AM and harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. There will be something shocking revealed with this one! Full moons are times of emotional clarity or culmination, and this one will bring something earth-shattering to the surface! We are detail-oriented and focused despite the chaos.

All times ET.


You’re more headstrong than usual, taking things by force as your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with Pluto. You’re willing to invest all of your energy into something if it means that you come out as the winner. This can also be a time when your money goes toward something that makes you look seriously powerful. Pisces season is when you take time to catch up with yourself and lay low before spring comes. It’s also when your health, mental and physical, becomes a focus. Volunteering is an appropriate way for Aries to celebrate Pisces season. Important work projects culminate as a full moon in Virgo illuminates your chart’s axis of service. See how your routine’s been paying off.


I feel sorry for anyone that tries to argue with you or gets in the way of where you’re going right now, Taurus! You are empowered to clear a path all the way to infinity as action planet Mars harmonizes with Pluto. Your personal willpower is magnified, even if that means your itinerary still has ample room for nap time. Your planetary ruler Venus enters your house of hopes and dreams, attracting friends and connections that make your goals possible. It’s an exciting time to reach out and try to connect with someone in a new way as the sun connects with Uranus. The full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo draws out your need to have fun and mingle with your friends.


You’ve been focusing more on your career and the way you share yourself with the public this Pisces season and this week Venus, the planet of attraction, enters Pisces, bringing more favorable attention your way. This is the right time to share what you’ve been doing with the public since you’re already getting attention! There are some antsy nerves happening about things that you can’t control as the sun connects with Uranus, so watch the caffeine intake and try to decompress often. The full moon illuminates your chart’s axis of work and home, asking that you pay more attention to your private life; your family and the roots that support you. Just because something exists outside of everyone’s perception, doesn’t make it unimportant.


You can think that having friends in high places can serve you well, but be on the lookout for social climbing and ulterior motives as Mars harmonizes with Pluto. There may be the urge to separate from your community in order to form a stronger alliance. Cancer is a sign that cares. Showing that you care does not have to manifest as brutality or revenge. It can, however, mean that you are no longer interested in providing for people who are not worthy of your attention. That should be something you decide based on willpower, not greed. Conversations reach their peak during this week’s full moon in your house of communication. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts as you get more comfortable with new ideas and dynamics.


Behaviors at work are changing, progressing as Mars harmonizes with Pluto. This is a time to act as though you run the place, Leo! Attitude is everything with these planets. Your strength and your insistence will see things come to completion with ease, or maybe you’ll find peace to some work crises that happened throughout the last few months of 2020 as you find resolutions to managing your calendar and your health. You are able to come up with new ways to ask for what you need as the sun connects with Uranus. The full moon in Virgo illuminates your house of personal resources, showing how much you have to share with others, and of course, to treat yourself, too.


With pleasant Venus in your house of work, health, and routine, there has been a pleasant vibe to your chores. Getting your shit together and working through your commitments has been less annoying and more chill, hopefully. Venus changes signs this week, entering your house of partnerships and interpersonal commitments. This will attract people who align with your values, or help you get your relationships (romantic or otherwise) back on track. You’re willing to try new dynamics in your relationships as the sun connects with experimental Uranus. The full moon in your sign is also about relationships, and the need to balance others’ egos with your own needs. These two things are connected, and worthy of a compromise.


Your planetary ruler Venus has been in a fun, sexy sector of your chart, attracting more creativity, socializing, and general freakiness. Venus in Aquarius was a time for you to think about pleasure and reconnect with the things that make you feel more like you are expressing yourself authentically. As Venus moves into a new sign this week, you’re starting a new chapter about your lifestyle and health. There are responsibilities that need to be taken care of, certain chores that need to be done, in order to make space for more love and beauty. Consider what you value the most and how you can call it into your daily routine. The full moon shows you things you’ve been ignoring for too long, and how good it feels to give, selflessly.


Even if you’re as gentle as Scorpio king Bob Ross himself, you’ve probably read that you are “intense,” little scorpion. This week, your two “intense” planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, align. If anyone is equipped to handle these hot coals, it’s you. Very deep and possibly abrasive conversations take place as you explore the farthest possible extent of your loyalty. Remember to address other people from a place of respect and love. If you recognize that you’re already part of a partnership, then the urge to separate or confront won’t come from a sense of paranoia, but rather the impulse to evolve. The full moon brings social situations to a head—people are more connected than you think; it’s a small world.


Sagittarius is happy so far away from home, because its roots are planted in something immaterial. Pisces is the part of Sagittarius’s chart that governs the home and family life, and with love planet Venus entering Pisces, it’s time to revel in the inherent magic and sacredness of the domestic sphere. There are values that you inherited from your parents, and these things are brought to your awareness. These values are expanded upon in your lifetime. A door opens concerning your unconventional lifestyle and job as the sun connects with Uranus. Consider how much you have grown, and how far you have come, during this week’s full moon. How would your ancestors, or your childhood self, feel about seeing where you are today?


Your relationships with lovers and friends are finding new life as warrior Mars harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of transformation. You’re able to recognize how your friends or lovers are acting out of line, or being aggressive. It’s on you to not let them push you into repeating the patterns and coping mechanisms which help you feel like you’re in control. By recognizing a hidden cycle, you are able to step into your power and break out of it. The full moon finds you ready to share your feelings and put an important project out into the world as it illuminates your house of publishing and higher learning. Consider what you want to teach the world, and if your behavior is in line with your beliefs.


Even if you are feeling like you’re going through a crisis on your own, in private, there are some people who you can trust to help you find your way as Mars harmonizes with Pluto. The changes that come from pushing through patterns that you were not fully aware of will give you stronger foundations and better soil to stand on. Breakthroughs concerning things you used to do as a kid, or just long ago, help give you a new perspective of your own behavior. This is a powerful time for reflecting in therapy or alone on the couch. The full moon in Virgo brings financial matters to a head as it illuminates your house of shared resources. You are worth it, Aquarius, so don’t be afraid to ask!


With love planet Venus creeping through a hidden and quiet sector of your chart the past few weeks, you were clearing spiderwebs in the attic as you thought about your desires, maybe a little too intellectually. As Venus enters your sign this week, you’re ready to fully embrace what you want and welcome beauty and love into your personal space! This is a good time to connect with your personal style, too. You have great ideas and can invent new things with friends as the sun connects with experimental Uranus. The full moon in Virgo brings relationship matters to a head. Use this time to recognize the people who appreciate your care and efforts, or to give others some well deserved quality time.

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