Monthly Horoscope: Libra, August 2022

Welcome to Leo season, dear Libra! 

The sun in Leo activates the sector of your chart that rules your social life, bringing an exciting atmosphere for networking, joining new groups, and reconnecting with friends. Leo season is also a lovely time for you to reflect on your hopes and dreams for the future. New wishes could be entering your heart! The sun in Leo encourages us to connect with what makes us feel passionate and alive, and for your social life, relationships, and work on behalf of others is a great source of fulfillment for you. Focus on what you love during Leo season!


The month is off to a powerful start with Mars meeting Uranus in Taurus on August 1: You may be liberating yourself from the past in some significant way or settling a debt. A new and unexpected approach to working out finances with partners (in love or in business) can be discussed.

Your ruling planet Venus is in Cancer during the start of the month, which can find you feeling especially popular and enjoying the spotlight: People are eager to invest in you as Venus mingles with Uranus and Mars, both in Taurus, on August 2. Communication planet Mercury enters analytical Virgo on August 4: It’s a powerful moment to connect with your inner voice; just be careful not to overthink things. If you find yourself awake at 3 AM, try some meditation, journaling, or speaking with a therapist—brilliant breakthroughs can take place as you explore your psyche! This is a powerful opportunity for self discovery.

Venus mingles with Neptune in Pisces on August 7, inspiring an especially creative atmosphere. A break from your everyday routine can spur deep creativity. You may feel particularly glamorous and popular at this time! Also on August 7, Mars squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, which can inspire a heavy atmosphere as people take their duties especially seriously, and the mood may not be as romantic as you’d like. This is, however, a fine time to get clear on your boundaries and expectations. This could also be a fantastic time to slow down and assess the reality of a situation, especially if it has felt like things are moving too quickly. 


Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn on August 9, perhaps stirring up intense feelings like greed or jealousy. Tension in your home and family life, as well as at work, may come to a head. If you feel like you’re being limited by your past choices, this may be a tremendous time to break free from longstanding patterns—but you may have to let go of an old habit that’s kept you comfortable and resistant to change. This is an intense time in your relationships, too: Partnership built on shaky ground may crumble…will you choose to rebuild? Help from a third party, like a therapist or the support of close friends, can help transform power dynamics that haven’t been equal—but relationships with manipulators or controlling types are best walked away from. 

A full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius takes place on August 11, which could bring a climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your love life! The full moon in Aquarius can bring a level of clarity that creates a breakthrough about connection. If you have a crush on someone, you may learn how they feel about you. If you’re already involved in a relationship, a block in relating may be overcome, or a spark reignited. You may be completing a creative project at this time, too. This full moon also calls you to let loose and party: Celebrate life!

During this full moon, the sun squares off with Uranus, Venus enters Leo, and Mars connects with Neptune. Chance meetings may take place, and you could connect with an exciting or unexpected group of people as the sun squares off with Uranus. This alignment can also find you eager to break free from limiting circumstances, particularly if you feel like the energetic or financial expectation is taxing. Venus in Leo bodes especially well for your social life! Your friendships may be especially valuable to you at this time, and in your romantic relationships, the intellectual connection you share feels particularly special. Mars mingling with Neptune inspires compassion and confidence, a productive and creative energy flows. 


Important discussions about responsibility within the communities you belong to arise on August 14 as the sun opposes Saturn. You could be setting boundaries in your friendships. Also on this day, Mars mingles with Pluto, perhaps finding you feeling particularly assertive and powerful, and freeing yourself from the past in some significant way. Mercury connects with Uranus on August 16, bringing a brilliant idea or unexpected help, and Venus connects with Jupiter in Aries on August 18, creating an especially fun moment in your social life and relationships! An affectionate, easygoing energy flows. People may feel especially generous at this time. Happy memories can be made! For Libras, life is all about connection, and connection can be plentiful and rewarding as sweet Venus and lucky Jupiter align! 

New adventures and opportunities come your way as Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini on August 20: You may be planning your next vacation, and Mars in Gemini might also find you charging ahead with your education plans or even publishing your work! Communication delays or misunderstands take place as Mercury opposes Neptune on August 21, especially when it comes to making plans. Perhaps give yourself a break and rest instead! Mercury connects with Pluto on August 22, and this alignment bodes much better for communication: Excellent research can take place, a straight-to-the-point conversation could occur. Hidden information may surface and the details of a situation become more clear. 

Also on August 22, the sun enters Virgo, encouraging you to slow down, rest, and catch up on quality time alone. Reconnect with yourself by journaling, meditating, or going on a trip someplace peaceful and quiet. Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus on August 24: A breakthrough regarding your bills or money you share with others takes place. Mercury enters your sign on August 26, sharpening your focus or finding you in an especially friendly, chatty mood! An uptick in communication takes place.

August 27 brings the new moon in Virgo, encouraging you to create more space in your life for rest and relaxation. Give yourself a break from your busy social schedule or work, if you can. An interesting experiment to try during this new moon is to plan a day with no schedule or responsibilities, and see where it takes you! Spend time making or enjoying art, indulging in a fantasy series you enjoy, or otherwise taking a break from your everyday life. This is a lovely new moon for connecting with your spirituality.

This new moon also finds Venus squaring off with Uranus, which can find you craving something unexpected or novel, as well as making surprising social connections. There could be a touch of impatience or argumentativeness with the sun squaring off with Mars, so find ways to stay grounded and patient. Venus opposes Saturn on August 28, which can find you setting firm boundaries with your friends, lovers, or creative collaborators, or learning more about their limitations. While this isn’t the coziest, most affectionate alignment of planets, you can learn a lot about what you and the people in your life value. 

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in September!