Cops Use Helicopter to Track Down Teenager Selling Weed on a Motorised Esky

Truly, protecting and serving.
A motorized esky
(Victorian Police via 9News)

It doesn’t get much more Australian-core than our nation’s finest Ultra Cops bringing out a police helicopter to chase a teenager riding a lil’ red motorised esky. Wait, actually, it does, because that esky also contained a few baggies of weed and a bong. 

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday, when a 17-year-old South East Melbournian was seen zipping around Carrum Heights on the powerful esky-machine, also carrying two shovels and fitted out with a high-vis “slippery when wet” sign stuck to the front.

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 10.40.37 am.png

Side picture of the speed machine: What are the shovels for?

After calls from (let’s call them) concerned (but really) tragically dobbing neighbours, police were buzzed to the scene to inspect the “unroadworthy” vehicle. It’s not really clear why the cops felt the need to roll out a literal helicopter to capture this master of crime, but they did, and eventually police apprehended the teenager to inspect his makeshift vehicle.

After a quick peek inside the esky, police labelled the machine a “mobile marijuana unit”, finding some drugs, a pipe, a bong and some scales. Among other things.

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 10.40.20 am.png

The contents of the powerful lil red wagon: Some bud and a bong

The naughty teenager is now being dealt with by police, but no charges have been placed. 

All of this really makes you wonder though. Could this kid just be the next visionary in an Ubereats-esque franchise? Is this the next step in our gig-economy? Only time will tell.

Until then, thank God for the police, who saved us from a boot-scootin teenager riding around on a lil-red wagon with a couple of bags of weed. 

Truly, protecting and serving.

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