Red Rooster Launched a Merch Line and the Trucker Hat Stays On During Sex

Let everyone know where your dirty bird allegiances lay.
red rooster merch vice

There’s a new capsule collection in town with a white-on-red logo. No, not that one. Red Rooster, the Australian hot chook bastion, is celebrating 50 years of pineapple fritters and meaty thighs with a limited-edition merch collection.

If you’re someone who defines themselves by the food they eat, are looking to tap into the ironic fashion sense of the indie sleaze revival or just love kitschy merch, then good news.

red rooster ready trucker hat.jpeg

Trucker Cap – $29.95 / Red Rooster

The merch line includes a few pieces of apparel, like an oversized t-shirt, trucker cap and tank top, and then more practical items like a coffee mug, a tumbler and a tote bag.

The Red Rooster capsule collection also includes a neon sign, because who amongst us hasn’t wanted to adorn our living rooms with a giant light and declare devotion to our fast food restaurant of choice? You can really let visitors know that they need to get that Kentucky Fried shit out of your sight. This is Red Rooster country, you godless dog.

Red Rooster shirts.jpg

Red Red Ready tee – $39.95 / Red Rooster

Most of the merch has the restaurant’s classic logo and the slogan “RED RED READY” plastered on the front of it, which is apparently Red’s “infamous” tagline. Also, apparently, people call Red Rooster “Reds” sometimes.

I dream of a world ripped from the world of comic books and 1979’s The Warriors, where the streets have been overrun by roving bands of fast food-themed gangs.

The lines are drawn and turfs are claimed. The Burger King sentences a hoard of Hamburglars to the stockades, while a group of crust punks emerge from the sewers, their bald heads painted purple like their grimacing idol. The streets are littered with perfectly salted fries.

Red Rooster’s 50th-anniversary merch collection is one more step to making that dream a reality. Maybe for their 100th anniversary.

You can check out the full Red Rooster merch line here.