This story is over 5 years old.

How to Forage for a Cannabis Feast

Tonight's episode of 'Bong Appetit' is extra herbaceous.

In this deleted scene from the upcoming episode of Bong Appétit, Vanessa and Ry go foraging at Reptacular Ranch in California with culinary researcher Pascal Baudar who shows them how to find edible wildlife that won't kill them.

The crash course inspires Ry who can't help but think of how these foraged plants share the same citrusy terpenes and flavonoids as weed, making them the ideal accoutrements for a cannabis feast.

Wood sorrel and invasive black mustard leaves that taste like wasabi can be used as a condiment, Pascal says, while mysterious "LBMs" (little brown mushrooms) are to be avoided, because "we don't know what the fuck they are."

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