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Daily Horoscope: March 15, 2016

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

It's a big day for communication! Not only is the Moon in chatty Gemini, we also have the planet of logic and conversation, Mercury, connecting with Pluto and Jupiter early this morning. Mercury is currently in dreamy, creative Water sign Pisces. Its sextile to power planet Pluto at 2:57 AM will bring out your inner strategist, while its opposition to Jupiter at 5:52 AM will challenge you to be real: Don't over (or under) estimate yourself. The Moon enters nurturing Cancer at 8:57 PM, creating a comforting vibe. All times EST.



Lots of talk goes down today, Aries, but digesting all the information will take some time. Take it easy tonight: The Moon will enter sensitive Water sign Cancer this evening, so be very gentle with yourself.


It's a big day in the heavens for communication, and this evening, when the Moon enters psychic Water sign Cancer, a very important and healing conversation could come your way.


The Moon is in your sign for most of the day, Gemini, making it a great day for you to reflect on your emotional wellbeing. Popularity is on your mind today—how can you improve your reputation?


The Moon enters your sign this evening, Cancer! This is a fab time to reflect on your emotional wellbeing. True, examining your emotions is pretty much all you do every day, but today some real clarity could come!


You're in a super social mood today, thanks to the Moon in Gemini, but don't make any wild plans for this evening. You'll be in the mood to cuddle on the couch when the Moon enters sensitive Cancer tonight.


The planet of communication, Mercury, is very active in your opposite sign on the zodiac wheel, Pisces, today. This means lots of talk will be going on in your relationships. Watch out for exaggerations.


For most of the day, the Moon is in fellow Air sign Gemini, inspiring you to think big. However, you know you have to be realistic today— you simply have too many chores to do! Let yourself take a break today.


It's a big day for communication, Scorpio, so try not to be too bitchy! The Moon enters fellow Water sign Cancer this evening, sending you good vibes, especially around travel or learning.


Your focus is on your relationships today, with the Moon hanging out in your opposite sign, Gemini. Tonight, when the Moon enters psychic Cancer, your relationships will grow even deeper.


It's a big day around communication for you, Capricorn! You'll have some important conversations that will create real change within and around you. Your focus will shift to relationships tonight when the Moon enters Cancer.


The Moon is in fellow social Air sign Gemini for most of the day, inspiring you to have some fun despite all the talk and worry taking place around themes concerning money or security. Things will work out if you can approach your issues realistically.


Mercury, the planet of logic, is in your sign! This is a very important time for self-expression, and a big conversation could go down today in one of your relationships. The Moon enters fellow Water sign Cancer tonight, sending you good vibes.

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