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Chromatics Brought Modern Magic to the Return of 'Twin Peaks'

Their musical contribution follows in the show's grand tradition of distinctive soundtracking.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Minor spoilers for the first two episodes of 'Twin Peaks' season three lie ahead so be warned.

Cult series Twin Peaks returned to US television last night to the delight of millions of big nerds across the world. One of the most memorable moments across the two hours (you know, other than the talking piece of muscle growing on a tree in the Black Lodge) came at the end of the season opener, when a massive tonal flip saw soundtrack wizards Chromatics performing a new song, "Shadow," in full. Hear the song and see it's suitably Lynchian music video, replete with red curtains, above.

Reminiscent of the scene in the series' original iteration featuring Julee Cruise performing, but given a weird, almost sitcom-esque sheen that jarred with the rest of the episode, the band – who have worked on a number of tracks for the upcoming season's soundtrack – play as we're reintroduced to characters like James Hurley and Shelly Johnson. Their track follows in the definite tradition of Angelo Badalamenti's original soundtrack – pervasive synths dominate – but with a slight update.

The new musical style as showcased in these first two episodes reflects the overall mood of the new iteration of the show, which can basically be summed up as 'the same but different,' as we see familiar characters in new situations, and meet new ones too. And though I'm sure we'll see a lot more of Badalamenti's original music in coming weeks as we're reintroduced to more of the older characters, this new, decidedly more modern musical style, is actually not a bad look as Twin Peaks season three, arguably the most anticipated TV of the decade, kicks off.

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