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Enes Kanter Laughs Off Reports of Turkish Arrest Warrant

"Hahaha" the Turkish NBA star wrote in a tweet regarding reports that Turkey put out a warrant for his arrest, adding "I will... spit on your ugly, hateful faces."

Enes Kanter has been at odds with his home country of Turkey for a while now. So when reports from a Turkish newspaper came out saying that Turkey had a warrant out for the Oklahoma City Thunder star's arrest, he didn't step softly in response.

Kanter tweeted out a screen grab of the headline about the alleged arrest warrant—from the pro-Turkish government publication Sabah—and said (according to a Reuters translation), "You cannot catch me. Hahaha [double crying-laughing emoji] Don't waste your breath. I will come on my own will anyway, to spit on your ugly, hateful faces."

Kanter came under fire from his home country after supporting U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, who was controversially exiled from Turkey and labeled a terrorist in 2016. Gulen has been accused by the Turkish government of initiating a coup last July, despite many of Gulen's supporters claiming otherwise. After Kanter's repeated support of Gulen on Twitter, Kanter's family disowned him and Turkey eventually revoked his passport, labeling him a "fugitive."

Kanter has referred to Turkey's president Tayyip Erdogan as the "Hitler of our century."

Reuters reports that neither the prosecutor's office in Istanbul nor Turkey's Ministry of Justice were available to comment on the report of the arrest warrant.