Watch VICELAND's Summer Shows for Free Right Now

Some of your favorite VICELAND shows are coming back next month, along with 'AMERICAN BOYBAND,' a new show about Kevin Abstract's quest for pop stardom.
May 26, 2017, 9:24pm

This summer, VICELAND is bringing back PARTY LEGENDS, KING OF THE ROAD, and STATES OF UNDRESS—and launching AMERICAN BOYBAND, a new show following musician Kevin Abstract as he puts together a boy band and tries to break into pop's mainstream.

On PARTY LEGENDS, filmmaker Lance Bangs (of Jackass fame) interviews celebrities about their wildest nights of partying, and reimagines the scenes with help from emerging artists and animators. The first episode features Soko, BJ the Chicago Kid, Paul Sheer, and Ice-T and hits VICELAND on June 8, but you can catch the season premiere for free above.

KING OF THE ROAD is back for another year of top-notch skateboarding and dignity-defying stunts, pitting three pro skate teams against each other as they trek across the country trying to accomplish a list of wild tasks. You can catch the first episode above before the show premieres on VICELAND June 8.

On STATES OF UNDRESS, model, actress, and journalist Hailey Gates explores fashion scenes across the globe, peering into issues the industry often chooses to ignore. Hailey's hell-bent on figuring out what people wear, why they wear it, and the story behind world's most exciting fashion scenes—a quest she kicks off on the season premiere, which you can catch above before the show hits VICELAND June 6.

Last, but not least, we've got AMERICAN BOYBAND, our new show following Kevin Abstract as he forms Brockhampton—think One Direction, but cooler—and sets out to take the world of pop music by storm. Catch the first episode above, and look out for more episodes from the series when it comes to VICELAND June 8.

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