Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren Was the Best Part of 'SNL' Again

"Your insurance plan is like a bad boyfriend—girl, listen to me. He is draining you. You deserve better! Dump his ass."
Saturday Night Live
screenshot via clip

Saturday night's Kristen Stewart-hosted episode of SNL was one of the weakest of this season so far, due in no small part to Coldplay, but it still gave us one good thing—the glorious return of Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren. The show's seven-minute cold open had Warren at an Iowa Town Hall meeting, throwing out helpful advice on everything from dumping your insurance plans like they're toxic boyfriends to the, uh, wonders of taking risks.


"People are afraid of change, they only like their current insurance because they already know what it is, not because it's good," McKinnon as Warren says. "Some things seem scary until you try them and find out if they're great, like sushi—or butt stuff."

It was a strong opening for an otherwise mediocre episode, and the sketch also gave new cast member and low-key comedy genius Chloe Fineman a moment to shine, which is always a good thing, too. "Your insurance plan is like a bad boyfriend," Warren tells Fineman's audience member. "Girl, listen to me—he is draining you. You deserve better. Dump his ass!"

Look, we're now one year from Election Day, and if you're like one of these delinquent voters in the sketch and still somehow undecided about who to vote for, just give the sketch a watch above and remember that we could get four years of this instead of more orange Alec Baldwin.