Steve Bannon Thinks Republicans Are Blowing It on Impeachment

He disagrees with the witness-smearing tactics and thinks they need to start fighting back against "master politician" Nancy Pelosi.
He disagrees with the witness-smearing tactics and thinks they need to start fighting back against "master politician" Nancy Pelosi.

Steve Bannon doesn't think the GOP is tackling this whole impeachment thing hard enough, so he's taking matters into his own hands.

He and some of the other original Team Trump supporters, like the campaign’s comms director Jason Miller, launched the "War Room: Impeachment” radio show in late October, and it just got picked up for daily airing on the Salem network of stations starting today.

Bannon and Co. sit around a table in the basement of a townhouse tucked behind Capitol Hill, and the former chief strategist at the White House workshops talking points, coaches surrogates for TV appearances, and conducts polling, all in the name of defending President Trump.


Bannon adopts a militaristic tone as he pushes Republicans on Capitol Hill and MAGA defenders across the country to take the gloves off.

“People have not been taking it seriously. There's not a sense of urgency on the right. I did a radio broadcast about a month ago, and I actually said I said on a date certain, she’s [Nancy Pelosi’s] gonna bring two charges of obstruction of justice and abuse of power and they're going to pass these two articles, impeachment and send it to the Senate,” he told VICE News in an interview on Tuesday.

It’s obvious he’s jealous of Pelosi’s messaging campaign. He frequently praises her on the radio program and told VICE News that she’s a “master politician.”

"She's done a tremendous job for someone who wants to either remove the president or more likely just change the arc of his presidency. And so I think you have to fight back. McCarthy [Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy] has got a lot of talents. I just don't put him in the league with Nancy Pelosi."

In many ways he directly disagrees with some of the tactics that Republicans and the White House have used so far, like questioning the patriotism of some of the witnesses like Vietnam veteran and career diplomat Bill Taylor. Republicans, he says, should be focused on the ideas that these “unelected bureaucrats” represent.

“It's not about their patriotism or about them as individuals. What they represent is a mindset. And that is what this whole thing is going to come down to: 'America First' national security policy, which Donald Trump represents, is a change to what we've been doing since WWII. There's no doubt about that.”

Cover: Former White House strategist Steve Bannon speaks to reporters as he departs following testifying in the federal trial of Roger Stone, at Federal Court in Washington, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Al Drago)