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PUBG Will Now Impose a 10-Year Ban on Any Player Caught Cheating

After banning more than 30,000 players last year, PUBG has now developed tools and technologies to identify users engaging in unfair practices.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
PUBG will impose a 10 year ban on cheaters
Photo by Whelsko via Flickr.

This article originally appeared on VICE India

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, simply known as PUBG on the streets, has become quite a force to be reckoned with, and almost every adolescent is reportedly spending countless hours slaying enemies on it. With more than 100 million monthly users, PUBG is the highest-grossing game in the industry and has evolved into a household name across the world. But as their numbers rise, so do the stakes.


Like any popular thing trying to make it big in the world, many third-party apps and hacks that manipulate the game to give the player an edge have been sprouting up alongside. These allow users to access extra perks like auto-aiming their weapons and give them virtual cheating tools to modify the game data. Recently, Tencent Games, the creators of PUBG, released an updated list of all the hackers and cheaters. Now, they’ve announced that they’re taking this shit more seriously and will impose a 10-year ban on all players caught cheating.

In doing so, they want to improve the gaming experience for other users, since it’s unfair for someone who has spent sleepless hours honing their shooting skills on the app to face off against someone who has simply used a cheat code. “We have always strived to deliver a gaming environment that is fair and enjoyable for each and every player and prevent cheating,” reads the statement by Tencent. “We take this issue very seriously; as such, each account in violation has received a 10-year ban. We would like to remind all players about the importance of fair play and thank you for keeping PUBG MOBILE fair and fun. ”

This isn’t the first time the mobile gaming giant is cracking down on cheaters. This 10-year ban has already been imposed on about 3,500 players in September alone, and last year in December, more than 30,000 users were removed from the app after being caught through anti-cheating tools and BattleEye algorithm they had developed. Considering people have even reported that they get withdrawal symptoms after being stopped from playing PUBG, this ban is bound to bring everyone in line.

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