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Sailor Moon Condoms Are a Thing and the Japanese Government Is Giving Them Away for Free

They come in heart-shaped packaging and are given away during STI awareness campaigns.
sailor moon condom japan
(L) An illustration of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi via WikiCommons. (R) A condom. For illustrative purposes only. Photo by hsedolivia via WikiCommons (CC BY 3.0).

Sailor Moon is one of the most universally popular superheroes of all time, so it only makes sense for the Japanese government to use the character against one of today’s biggest problems.

To fight against sexually transmitted infections (STI), the government is handing out free Sailor Moon condoms. According to Sora News, the condoms are given away in events organised by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, organisation Act Against AIDS, and the Okamoto Lovers Lab, a division of Okamoto Condoms. The events aim to raise awareness on STIs and HIV testing.


Twitter user @ForegoneGem posted a Tweet with an image showing a Sailor Moon condom set:

The first event took place in Fukuoka on Oct. 5, while the second one will be in Hiroshima on Oct. 14. Attendees will receive the condom in a heart-shaped package with the image of Sailor Moon.

As random as this sounds, this is not the first time the character was used in an unusual way. In 2015, a brand came out with Sailor Moon feminine pads.

Sailor Moon is a popular Japanese manga and anime about ten girls with powers who fight against various villains. At the centre of it all is Serena Tsukino, who transforms into the group’s leader Sailor Moon.

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