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Let’s Re-Examine ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ on Waypoint 101

In this game, you not only punch Nazis, but you shoot and knife them, too.

It's taken too long, but the second installment in Waypoint 101, where we revisit old games and have a community discussion about them, is here. Austin, Rob, Danielle, and myself have played through the first six chapters of Wolfenstein: The New Order, in anticipation of the game's sequel, The New Colossus, arriving later this month. (And also because the real world is, weirdly, full of Nazis again?) There are abundant spoilers, obviously, as we discuss how The New Order was perceived when it arrived in 2014, catching most by surprise, and how 2017's political context has changed perceptions of the game. We'll be back with a second, final episode in two weeks.


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