Watch the Trailer for Spike Lee's New 'She's Gotta Have It' Series

Nola Darling and her trio of suitors are back for Netflix's new ten-episode show.
October 12, 2017, 5:38pm

Spike Lee's 1986 movie She's Gotta Have It was a watershed moment for 80s indie cinema. It kickstarted Lee's career, cemented Brooklyn as a creative hub, and landed Lee in a string of influential Nike commercials. Now, more than 30 years after the film first hit theaters, Lee is bringing back Nola Darling and her three suitors for a new Netflix series based on his first joint.

The ten-episode show, appropriately titled She's Gotta Have It, will be written and directed entirely by Lee and executive produced by his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee. The series stars DeWanda Wise as Nola Darling and centers on the late-20s Brooklynite juggling her friends, her work, and her trio of lovers.

"As a sex-positive, polyamorous pansexual," Darling says in the trailer, "monogamy never even seemed like a remote possibility."

She's Gotta Have It was shot—like the original—in and around Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood. Cleo Anthony plays Darling's model-turned-photographer beau Greer, and Lyriq Bent plays Jamie Overstreet, an older, protective investment banker. Hamilton star Anthony Ramos will don Mars Blackmon's big-ass glasses this time around, taking over the role first played by Lee himself.

All ten episodes of She's Gotta Have It hit Netflix this Thanksgiving, November 23. Give the trailer a watch above.