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Monthly Horoscope: Libra, May 2019

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Libra!
May 1, 2019, 2:53am

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May opens with the messenger planet Mercury busy setting standards and making deals! Helpful and proactive communication flows with your partners on May 1 as Mercury mingles with Mars, but the mood isn't particularly bubbly or social, and it's crucial that you're firm on your boundaries and discuss limitations as Mercury also clashes with Saturn on this day. On May 2, Mercury clashes with Pluto, stirring up issues concerning power and control, and also connects with Jupiter, keeping lines of communication open. As an air sign, you're a brilliant communicator, so even though the beginning of May is bumpy, as long as you're clear about boundaries and the power dynamics in your relationships, you'll handle this well! Or you can be a big whiney baby, refusing to see your limitations—or worse, you can be shady and have a miserable start to the month. What's it going to be, Libra?

May 4 brings the new moon in Taurus, creating a quiet atmosphere for you to contemplate big changes in your life and to let go of the past. Be like a cow, peacefully grazing in the sun, totally in the present. Let go of everything but this moment. New moons bring new beginnings, and spaces in your spirit that have felt empty will be nourished with new wholeness. Just take things slow. The answers won't come immediately. Be present will all parts of yourself, and don't deny any sadness or pain you feel—witness it instead, and ask the energy of the new moon to hold you as you renew. I usually don't get so woo-woo and discuss visual meditations in the horoscopes, but sometimes it's needed, and this new moon in Taurus is one of those times for you, dear Libra. A fresh start concerning intimacy is also here, and this is a lovely time to pay off a debt.


Get plenty of rest during the sleepy energy of the new moon. Worried this will be boring? Well, plenty of excitement and drama comes your way on May 5 when Mars opposes Jupiter! This will be an especially dazzling time if you're traveling, in school, or trying to get something published—the word you want to spread will be heard far and wide! Exciting news will come your way, too. Watch out for some arguments since know-it-alls will be eager to debate—but this could also manifest as fun banter. Communication planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 6, shifting the energy, and finding you talking about more serious matters like sex, death, and taxes.

Watch out for a grumpy mood as your ruling planet Venus clashes with Saturn on May 7—being bratty will get your nowhere. The mood is chilly, and people are feeling sensitive or shut down. Don't be too critical of yourself at this time, but do use the energy to plainly look at your life without rose-colored glasses. If you've been too idealistic, you'll see things differently now. Mercury meets Uranus, bringing unexpected news, and the sun connects with Neptune, offering some healing, on May 8—seeing things in a new light helps you move on from the past, and a helpful energy flows for smoothing out something that got awkward.

You ruling planet Venus mingles with lucky Jupiter and clashes with power planet Pluto on May 9, creating a powerful moment for communication and breakthroughs in your relationships—with so much intense energy in the air, you'll have to be mindful about power struggles, jealousy, and possessive behavior. Helping you stand in your power is the sun's connection with Saturn on May 11 and then with Pluto on May 13, which will encourage you to be firm about your boundaries. Creating a lighter, more social vibe is Venus's connection with Mars on May 14, which will bring fun and adventure your way. It's a great time to connect with people!

A big shift in energy arrives when your ruling planet Venus enters Taurus on May 15, which is major for your intimate relationships. This is a powerful time to talk about your needs, and also work through issues concerning grief and letting go of the past. Money is also a key topic now, especially in trickier circumstances like debts, taxes, and inheritances. Communication planet Mercury connects with Neptune on May 15, keeping the lines of communication open and empathetic. Also on May 15, action planet Mars enters tenacious Cancer, which bodes well for your career, as you feel energized to tackle your goals. You have a reputation for being indecisive or too people-pleasing, but you'll be showing the world how wise, protective, and creative you really are during this time! Mercury connects with Saturn on May 16, creating a stabilizing energy for communication.

An emotionally intense full moon in Scorpio lands on May 18, which will also be big for your finances, as situations concerning cash come to a head. Issues with self-esteem are also reaching a culmination—you're so ready to let go of what's no longer serving you. The full moon in Scorpio wants to purge, so toss out everything you no longer need, Libra, especially your self-defeating thoughts! Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, and this full moon marks a change in you—you no longer need to cling to your old security blankets. Powerful conversations take place as Mercury connects with Pluto on this day, plus your ruling planet Venus meets with Uranus, finding you craving freedom and independence.

A big shift in energy arrives as Gemini season begins on May 21! Mercury also enters fellow air sign Gemini and meets with the sun on this day, bringing you important information. Gemini season is a wonderful time for travel, learning new things, getting ahead in school, and publishing for you, Libra! If you want to see the world or spread your message, Gemini season is your time to do so! Exciting conversations take place as Mars connects with Uranus on May 22, bringing a eureka moment, a big dose of clarity, and action! Be sure to use this electric, inventive energy while you can, since Mercury clashes with Neptune the next week on May 29, which brings a cloud of confusion. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a bad time, though. Your ruling planet Venus meets Neptune on May 30, which will be especially romantic, and communication planet Mercury opposes Jupiter, creating a fun and adventurous atmosphere (just don't believe everything you hear!). A more anchored energy flows as Venus connects with Saturn on May 31—a good day to talk about plans and commitments. Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in June!