Your Gift Guide for Cancers, the Most Caring Sign of the Zodiac

Try to out-Cancer the water sign in your life with these sweet and thoughtful gifts.
Cancer illustration by Robin Eisenberg; collage by Darcie Wilder

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Happy Cancer season, children of the zodiac!


The sign of the crab is known for being nurturing, creative and intuitive, and their season is usually associated with cookouts, carnivals, and beach excursions—everything we love about summer! This year’s season is especially delicate thanks to the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 and an eclipse in Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn on July 16. I’m not saying your cutie crustacean’s happiness hinges on how good your birthday gift is, but honestly, for these sentimental water signs, a thoughtful present goes a really long way! Cancers are the sign of protection and nurturing, so they give and give to their family, friends, and community at large all year…we owe them a little something for all the cakes they’ve baked, sweaters they’ve knitted, and events they’ve organized!

I’ve compiled some sweet gift ideas for the caring Cancers in your life—check them out below:

Gifts for a New Perspective

Cancer season kicks off with the summer solstice, and solar returns generally bring more energizing, action-taking energy. Cancers can be introspective and their birthdays can be an especially introspective time that finds them looking within. If you’re shopping for your Cancer friend’s birthday, they might benefit from a gift that helps them gain a fresh perspective. These water signs have everyday tasks to attend to, and a deep desire to create and explore, so get them something that helps them get out of their everyday routine. Try the science fiction novel The Power by Naomi Alderman, so they can get lost in a thought-provoking world where power dynamics are flipped when women suddenly gain a special power.

Book: The Power by Naomi Alderman

For a different kind of escape, this versatile weekender bag would be perfect for their next trip out of town.

Weekender bag

Birthdays can be overwhelming and we all know Cancers are home-loving folks who need to retreat to regroup, so treat your Cancer friend to a spa or salon of their choice.


Gift card from Spa Finder

When your Cancer friend is done relaxing, they’ll want to get started on something they’re passionate about. They're notorious community organizers and leaders (Emma Goldman!) who can have the tendency to over-extend themselves for others, so they may appreciate Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, a book about the “politics of healing and happiness” that explores the question: “How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience?”

Book: Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown

Gifts for their Sweet, Intuitive and Nurturing Side

Cancers are so kind and caring that they’ll likely be happy with anything you get them, since it’s the thought that counts and they love to feel appreciated. If your crustacean cutie is as sweet and sentimental as the sign stereotype, go with traditional gifts that are always in style!

Surprise them with beautiful flowers (here's a smaller alternative) in a silvery color theme to match the season's mood.

Bouquet of blue flowers

Double the Plunge bouquet from UrbanStems

Create a modern scrapbook by turning your favorite Instagram moments into a keepsake book.

Photo book

Cancers are known for their powerful intuitive abilities, and if the crab in your life is interested in deepening their intuitive awareness, check out this oracle deck: Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book.

Oracle deck and guide book

There's something magical about divination by candle light, so you can also get them this Cancer Candle to light the way.


Cancer candle by House of Intuition

Appeal to your crustacean friend’s penchant for domesticity with cute home goods: This beautiful "Insight Mug" with a gold handle is a perfect excuse for them to serve up one of their famous healing elixirs.

Gold mug

Cancers also tend to be great in the kitchen—help them spruce up their dinner parties with some gold flatware or a fresh set of dinnerware. They can also try a new cooking routine with a meal kit plan or host at-home events.

Blue dinnerware set

Gifts for Glamour

Show your Cancer friend how much you appreciate their big hearts with something that celebrates them.

Because Cancer is such a famous homemaker, astrologers don’t always give them enough credit for how hot they are! Remind them with some lingerie or swimwear from an inclusive brand with fashion-forward designs that aim to flatter every shape:


Bouloux II by Chromat

Or set them up for a sexy evening with this set of silicone toys.

Silicone sex toy set

The Sea of Silicone Set from Unbound Babes

This Cancer necklace is a great way to represent their sun sign, or a gold necklace featuring their ruling planet, the moon, would be perfect—especially when both Mercury and Mars enter Leo, on June 26 and July 1 respectively, shifting their attention to all things gold and glittery.

Cancer zodiac necklace

Cancer zodiac necklace by Mejuri

There’s nothing more luminous than glowing, healthy skin! Splurge on this “labor-saving” exfoliating gadget or check out its budget alternative. For a fun play on Cancer symbolism, this face mask is related to their ruling planet.

Mia fit face brush
konjac sponge
Glossier moon mask

Pearl and moonstone are said to help with new beginnings and tapping into inner strength, which makes them great for highly intuitive Cancers, who don’t always find it easy to put things into words. These options work for the mood of the season, at different price points:

Mother of peal earrings

Mother of Pearl earrings by LLY Atelier

Moonstone ring

Luna Delight moonstone ring

Gifts for Tricky Cosmic Weather

Arm your Cancer loved one with the tools they need to get through tricky cosmic weather. This year, Cancer season kicked off as dreamy Neptune began its retrograde, so one gift that might help your pal through periods of transformation is a dream diary. That will help Cancer pay attention to their inner voice and consider the messages arriving in their subconscious.

This Cancer season also includes an eclipse on July 2, putting even more of a spotlight on self-reflection. Eclipses are typically a highly emotional period of sudden change and surprise, and Cancers are especially impacted because they’re ruled by the moon.

Night Thoughts diary

After that comes the notorious Mercury retrograde on July 7! You can help your friend stay ahead of the curve with gifts for staying organized. These locators can be attached to essentials like keys, wallets, and passports, and ring when activated from an app.

Tile products

Tile trackers

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn arrives on July 16, and it’ll be an intense one for Cancer’s relationships. A comforting, weighted blanket could help make them feel grounded or connected with their friends and family when major changes take place. You can splurge for a fancy one or find one within your blanket budget.

Gravity blanket

The Gravity Blanket

Don’t listen to any Cancer who says they don’t want anything for their birthday—they’re modest like that, and honestly, if they don’t want your present, they can always give it to someone else! It’s most important that you show your Cancer friend that they are loved and appreciated—that’s what birthdays are really all about!

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