Restaurants Are Hosting Blindfolded Dinners Because 'Bird Box' Looked Like So Much Fun

At one event, diners must remain silent and the three-course meal will be soundtracked with sounds of chirping birds and rushing water.
January 10, 2019, 8:34pm
bird box 1
Image via Netflix

It has been a month since a blindfolded Sandra Bullock appeared on everyone’s Netflix startup screens, but honestly it feels like Bird Box has been out for 75 years. There have already been glowing reviews, backlash to those reviews, and a chorus of “meh”s from everyone who didn’t press play until last week. There have been memes on memes on memes, teenagers have been swiftly reminded that Bullock had a film career before mid-December, and Netflix has issued a polite warning asking people to stop doing dumb shit while blindfolded.


But after a reported 45 million people have watched the movie, the biggest question is… what now? And apparently, the answer is: “We’ll be tying our blindfolds and eating tacos, thank you very much.” At least two restaurants, including an Atlanta taco joint and a historic Long Island inn, are hosting one-off Bird Box-themed dinners, and neither of them require you to arrive by rowboat.

The Milleridge Inn in Jericho, New York, is currently taking reservations for “a complete sensory experience inspired by the feature film Bird Box,” which is PR speak for “you’re not going to see what you’re trying to stab with your fork.” During the dinner, which will be held this Friday night, all diners must remain silent (even when they’re frantically trying to locate which salad components they just pushed off their plates), and the three-course meal will be soundtracked by chirping birds and the sounds of rushing water.

“The response has been great,” Milleridge Inn spokesperson Brittany Palilo told MUNCHIES. “Many people are very interested, and it’s created such buzz because people feel strongly [about the movie.] They’re either thrilled, or they don’t think [the meal] is for them.” Palilo also said that the kitchen staff had “taken careful consideration” about the menu, especially when it comes to how difficult (or how easy) it is to eat each course without actually seeing it.

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After the movie, the diners can enter “the birdhouse,” where they can remove their blindfolds and watch—what else— Bird Box on the restaurant’s televisions.

Meawhile, Guac y Margys, a new taco and margarita restaurant in Atlanta, is hosting its own Bird Box dinner on Thursday, January 24. Each ticket for the meal (and they’re capping this event at 42 would-be Bullocks) includes two tacos, one dip, and one margarita. And anyone who can correctly guess the taco fillings and the margarita flavor without peeking will get a free homemade cookie for dessert.

“We came up with the idea during one of our recent owners meetings,” David Barton, one of Guac y Margys three co-owners, told MUNCHIES. “We’ve had a great response. It’s hard for anything to live up to this kind of hype, but we enjoyed [the movie]… I think Troy, our bar manager and part owner, is watching it again now in preparation for the event.”

So there you go. Just promise Daddy Netflix that you won’t put your blindfolds on until you’re inside either restaurant.