Enes Kanter Missed Practice Because He Ate Way Too Many Cheeseburgers

Enes Kanter posted a video of himself about to eat seven cheeseburgers. Then his New York Knicks teammates trolled him for missing practice because of an "illness."
New York Knicks center Enes Kanter eating seven burgers.
Screen capture via Twitter/@Enes_Kanter 

Listen, we've all been there. Sometimes food just looks too delicious and you get a little over-eager with the ordering. But the big difference when you're New York Knicks center Enes Kanter is that you're 6'11" and 267 pounds and your definition of "too much" is on a whole different scale.

The Turkish national is on a diet that allows him one cheat day every so often, and so Enes decided to take full advantage by ordering himself a whopping seven cheeseburgers—and fries! Let's not forget to mention that three of the burgers in this cornucopia of protein and fat are triple burgers with motherfucking eggs. Enes Kanter: man of many faces, and calories.


My god. My dear, meat-sweaty god.

You might think that would be enough to send a rhinoceros into cardiac arrest, but apparently Kanter survived his feast (though it's unclear how much of it he actually ate), making a heroic effort to show up to practice the following morning. However, he didn't last long, according to Knicks beat reporter Steve Popper. Yup, Kanter left practice "because of illness." Shocker right there.

The man was basically begging to be trolled, so shortly after Kanter left practice, his teammates packed his locker with a bunch of fake cheeseburgers just to fuck with him:

Sure, make fun of him all you want, but never has there been a nobler excuse for missing practice. Enes Kanter out of P.E. like a third grader on nacho day.