This Bay Area Taco Bell Transit Map Looks Way Better than BART

“If only the Bay Area had this extensive system instead of the limited options we have. I might actually use it,” one Redditor wrote.
subway map with taco emojis overlayed
Composite image by MUNCHIES Staff. Getty Images // Emojipedia

We’re four days into 2019, which means that we’re four days into my misguided attempt to find some kind of joy—even the smallest kind of joy—in every single day this year. That mindset lasted almost 36 hours, until I unwrapped a package of ground beef that had gone bad while it sat on a refrigerated supermarket shelf. But today is a new day, and it’s also the day that I discovered the r/SubwaySubway subreddit. DAILY JOY IS MAKING A COMEBACK, BRUH.


The idea behind it is a simple one—what if the Subway restaurants in a particular city were connected by actual subway lines—but it has led to some dazzling possibilities. A lot of users have taken the idea beyond their local Subway franchises and have proposed public transportation that links everything from Starbucks to McDonald’s to Tim Hortons, but the best suggestions yet have come from a map-happy teen named Jeff McGough.

In a recent post that he shared on r/SubwaySubway, r/BayArea, and r/SanFrancisco, McGough proposed a mass transit system that connects all of the Taco Bells in the Bay Area and even though he’s not suggesting that it should replace the existing BART system, IT SHOULD 100 PERCENT REPLACE THE EXISTING BART SYSTEM.

“If only the Bay Area had this extensive system instead of the limited options we have. I might actually use it,” one Redditor wrote, a sentiment that was echoed repeatedly.

The Bay Area Rapid Taco map isn’t the first time McGough has done this; he’s also made Taco Bell transit maps for the Twin Cities, Reno, Austin, and a half-dozen other cities (and the entire state of Montana). “Even if my maps are just a fun experiment, it still gives me an opportunity to compare my fictional transit systems to real transit systems communities already have in place,” 16-year-old McGough told Taco Bell's blog. “I would say my main goal in making maps is to spark conversation, especially in the realm of mass transit.”

Based on the response this has gotten from Bay Area residents, the city should seriously consider replacing the existing BART system (yeah, the one where strangers will call the cops if they peep you eating a burrito) with Taco Bell Transit. “If Domino's can fill potholes, I guess Taco Bell train is the next logical step,” a Redditor named AHPpilot commented.

Look, Jeff, we know you’re still in high school, but if you can find a way to make this happen, like, before the summer, that would be great.