Cloning Is Still a Huge Problem, And There's No Good Solutions

Game cloning is an old topic made anew with Voodoo,, and Donut County.
Image courtesy Annapurna Interactive

The concept of game cloning is about as old as games themselves, but there's new, tricky territory to cover here in 2018. Inspired by a few tweets and a article profiling Voodoo—the mobile publisher behind, a game that sure takes "inspiration" from indie darling Donut County—we discussed the situation this week on Waypoint Radio. Join Patrick, Natalie, Rob, and myself as we look at the complications that separate genre and mechanical inspiration, the ethics of farming game ideas with a big checkbook, and the fear that this could have a chilling effect on the spirit of sharing and creativity in the indie space.


Discussed:, Donut County, Threes, 2048.

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