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Eat the Ridiculous Candy-Syrup Spaghetti from 'Elf' in an Actual Real-Life Restaurant

And sure, ask your server if there’s sugar in syrup. There’s no way he hasn’t heard that, like, a thousand times today.
Miss Ricky's Elf Spaghetti
Image courtesy Virgin Hotels Chicago

If you haven’t felt yourself physically aging this week—it has been a full decade since Tuesday’s midterm elections—here’s more evidence of the inexorable march of time. This week marks 15 years since Will Ferrell wriggled into a pair of yellow tights and told everyone that smiling was his favorite. Yeah, Elf is a decade-and-a-half old, which means that we’re all just days from having a fridge full of Ensure and a preferred casket finish. (Burnished silver or GTFO).


To celebrate this kind of depressing anniversary, Miss Ricky’s—the restaurant attached to Virgin Hotels Chicago—has introduced its own homage to the film. Executive Chef Moosah Reaume has created a dessert based on Buddy’s favorite syrup-and-spaghetti breakfast. (You 100% know the scene where this originated: the one where he breaks a Pop Tart and crumbles it on a plate filled with spaghetti and two Halloweens’ worth of sugar.)

The dessert is nothing if not honest to Buddy’s vision, because it features a bowl of pasta topped with a strawberry and raspberry sauce, marshmallows, Pop Tarts, M&Ms, Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, coconut, chocolate sauce and, of course, syrup. But unlike Buddy, who managed to nail this monstrosity the first time he made it—in a semi-stranger’s house, no less—Reaume said that he tried five different versions of the dessert before finding the right combination of syrup and candy. And sure, ask your server if there’s sugar in syrup. There’s no way he hasn’t heard that, like, a thousand times today.

Chef Reaume told MUNCHIES that he’s seen Elf seven times, a number that seems surprisingly reasonable. “It was on loop on all of our TVs in Miss Ricky’s on Wednesday when we launched the spaghetti,” he said. (So far, no one has been able to finish the entire thing).

If you’re interested in some Elf-cosplay, have no history of diabetes, and have never Googled the words ‘glycemic index,’ then this thing is available for $15, and you can order it in the restaurant until Christmas day. Or pick up a Virgin Hotels e-gift card and pass it on to a friend. There’s no better way to say “I’m sorry I ruined your lives and crammed 11 cookies into the VCR.”