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Listen to LCD Soundsystem’s New Song, “tonite”

It sounds more like "Losing My Edge" than "All My Friends" and James Murphy talks about getting older.

LCD Soundsystem debuted a new song on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show this afternoon. "tonite" is the third single from american dream, their first album since 2010's This Is Happening. Unlike the already-released "american dream" and "call the police," there's nothing overbearingly anthemic about "tonite." It's sarcastic and half-spoken, closer to "Losing My Edge" than "All My Friends." "But still it's ruining the airwaves / Or what remains of the airwaves / And we're frankly thankful for the market psychology you're hipping us to," Murphy says, before hitting the inevitable thesis statement: "You're getting older / I promise you this, you're getting older."


A few moments after Lowe premiered the track, the band released an appropriately retro-looking video for "tonite." You can check that out at the top of the page.

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