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Game of Thrones' Greatest Moments Are Tangled in This Tapestry

Ireland's tourism board commissioned a massive tapestry that details every episode of the series.

This post originally appeared on Creators. Minor spoilers ahead.

The character Danerys Targaryen finally returned to Westeros on Sunday night's Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, but the actress, Emilia Clarke, shot the scene on a Northern Irish beach called Downhill Strand. Much of what viewers know as Westeros, in fact, is actually Northern Ireland, including parts of Winterfell, Slaver's Bay, and the Kingsroad—all thanks to the nation's open tracts of land and many surviving castles. To draw attention to this fact, Ireland's tourism board commissioned a massive tapestry that details every episode of the series.


The 66-meter-long artwork is on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. A group of artisans including the museum's director, Katherine Thomson, are embroidering each meter with characters and symbols that summarize each one of the episodes preceding Sunday's "Dragonstone." As Season 7 progresses, they'll add more yardage to the tapestry to reflect new developments on the HBO juggernaut. By the end of season 7 it will be 77 meters long.

The tapestry's materials are sourced from Fergusons Linen in Northern Ireland, Des Burke, a representative from Ireland Tourism, tells Creators, a specialty linen manufacturer since 1854. "[They're] one of the last remaining linen mills from the heyday of linen production in Northern Ireland," he says.

The results would look amazing hanging over the hearth at Winterfell, though the Red Wedding scenes might not go over so well. It would fit right in with Cersei's map of enemies, though, or in the Iron Throne room. Check out stills of the tapestry below.

If the Ulster Museum is too far to visit, fans worldwide can get an up close and personal look at the tapestry by visiting Ireland's tourism website. New additions to the tapestry from Season 7 will also be broadcast on Ireland Tourism's social media sites.


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