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NAR's "Jujeh" Video Is a Web 1.0 Screensaver Come to Life

Middle Eastern traditions meet contemporary pop culture in the New York artist's new clip.

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer NAR has shared a new video for the infectious title track off his 2016 debut EP Jujeh.

The playful, visually keen clip looks like a cross between an archival YouTube video and a forgotten Geocities site. It stars the artist posing, dancing, and singing along to the song's main sample, which is a well-known Vine of a young Pakistani boy singing Chris Brown's "Loyal." The video was co-directed by artist Job Piston and the musician himself, shot by Mitch Moore, and edited by Erin Grant.

"'Jujeh' is a celebration of Middle Eastern traditions integrated with contemporary pop culture," NAR told THUMP over email. "My vision for this video was to portray the beauty of our heritage: belly dancers, smoking hookah, drinking Persian tea, and also to shift the focus away from extremism."

A remix record for Jujeh will be released this summer on New York imprint Doom Dab, featuring contributions from NAAFI affiliate Zutzut, PAN signee ADR, California producer Svengali, and more.

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