Read the Best Stuff We've Published This Election

Few hours to kill before the election night pub sesh, why not read the stuff we're proudest of publishing?
June 8, 2017, 1:35pm
Photo taken in Stoke by Theo McInnes

Assuming you've already voted, already told your friends to vote, already posted social media statuses about it and already planned your last minute canvassing after work if you're so inclined, there's probably not all that much you can do but try to stave off excitement, anxiety, boredom or whatever it is you're thinking about re: the result tomorrow.

Luckily, via some top notch election coverage, we're here to help you navigate the last few hours until you can hit the pub or get a takeaway and let David Dimbleby's soothing tones lull you into a coma.


We've spent the last few weeks charting our own electoral map, visiting the front lines of a country that's becoming a basket case of social decay. Here are some of the best things we've published.

We went to one of the most apathetic places in the UK to find out why people are turned off from the political system. We found out that the usual stereotype about lazy, ignorant idiots doesn't explain people's clued up apathy.

You don't need stats to see that homelessness is a problem; just open your eyes in any British town. But do any of the parties actually have a plan to sort it out?

As drug deaths soar, drug policy has barely been a blip on the electoral radar.

Exploring the rupture between the Labour Party and its base in some of its traditional heartlands.

Does it make sense to understand current politics as a war between young and old? And if it does, what does that mean for us?

Done with those? Read all of them? Aaaaalll of them? Okay good, now check out our film, 'VICE's 2017 Election Road Trip: Things Nobody Is Talking About':