Wearable art

Cheerful Tiny Sculptures Make Magic Out of Clay

Artist and crafts maker, Liskaflower, creates charming tropical wares from polymer clay and jewelry parts.
June 10, 2017, 11:40am
All images courtesy the artist

A swirling shape of interweaving coils becomes a quaint little fox with a blue bloom in its fur while a masse of rolling matte-black curls collect into the shape of a cat. The Siberian artist, who goes by Lisakflower, creates complex, hand-crafted tiny sculptures that are cute and are intricate displays of skill. Crafted with polymer clay, each piece is a miniaturized maze contained on a few centimeters of surface area. Liskaflower's creations alternate as tiny pieces jewelry, such as pendant necklaces and decorative brooches that can be attached to clothing. We like to think of them as small wearable sculptures. See some of her swirling works below:

Visit Liskaflower's Instagram, here, to see more work. To acquire your own tiny clay sculpture, visit her Etsy page, here.

Via: UFunk


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