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Watch Die Antwoord's Twisted New Short Film Featuring Jack Black

'Tommy Can't Sleep,' but Tommy can say "fuck."

Die Antwoord's new short film, Tommy Can't Sleep, opens with a shadow-eyed kid called Tommy lying in a bed beneath an AK-47, the words "PENIS FUCK" scrawled onto the headboard, rat noises in the background. The first word that leaves Tommy's mouth is "FUCK." He doesn't like the rats, but his mom doesn't care because she needs her sleep and she's plenty melodramatic. His father has a permasmile. Tommy heads back to bed where Yolandi Visser, rat teeth inserted, promises "tits, ass[…] fuckin' ninjas, guns, freaks, homosexuals [cue overblown reaction from Tommy], and rats—a lot of fuckin' rats."


It's all extremely Die Antwoord: twisted, terrifying, absurd, funny, outlandish. And that's before you get to Jack Black's cameo as a rat-person who wants to spray-paint dicks on the walls. Visser directed the video and photographer Roger Ballen, whose shadowy black and white shots inspired Die Antwoord's imagery from the start, was behind the art direction. (You don't need to see his name pop up at the end to be sure of that—this video is basically Ballen's work come to zombified life).

Watch the video at the top of the page. It'll destroy your sunny morning.

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