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Watch This Tiny Japanese Woman Crush the Biggest Bowl of 'Mie Sedap' I've Ever Seen

Yuki Kinoshita is a "mukbang" star with a taste for Indonesian instant noodles.

Yuki Kinoshita's stomach is a black hole. This tiny Japanese woman has to be some kind of otherworldly cosmic entity whose sole purpose is to consume massive amounts of food that would kill a lesser being. Her YouTube channel is full of such feats of gluttony that I'm often left wondering how the hell she doesn't just fall into a three year food coma by the end of the video.

"When I got examined by a doctor, it was determined that I have a very unique stomach," she said in a video posted to her channel. "My stomach is able to expand and fill up all the spaces within my body. That is why I can eat so much."


While other giants of the gut like Takeru Kobayashi made a career of absolutely dominating competitive eating competitions, Kinoshita has taken a simpler path to fame: eating huge amounts of food in her all too kawaii apartment as a "mukbang" star, or social eater.

Kinoshita routinely consumes in excess of 5,000 calories in a single sitting, chowing down on five kilograms of spicy masala curry or absolutely insane concoctions like when she threw two large McDonald's fries, two Big Macs, two boxes of McNuggets, and a cup of Coke Zero into a rice cooker and ate this weird Mc-Sludge over rice.

"At first I was really taken aback by how disgusting this looked but once you get used to it, you know, it's pretty good after all," she said of the 3 kilograms of McDonalds and rice she was about to finish. "And every once in a while you are surprised with a nugget or burger patty and it's a flavor surprise."

She currently has more than 3.1 million followers on YouTube and a lot of them, it seems, are Indonesians who love to send her care packages of instant noodles so they can watch her devour the whole mess. So what has Kinoshita eaten so far? Glad you asked.

150 Gery "Saluut Malkist" crackers

That's right, she ate 150 of these things. But it's not enough to just eat an insane amount of crackers. That would just be a midday snack for Kinoshita. So she pulled out ice cream, fruit, potato salad, cream cheese, whipped cream, basically everything in her fridge, and just tore it apart.


By the end of the video she ate 8,000 calories in crackers alone. God only knows how many calories she actually ate when you add in all the toppings and glasses of tea she knocked back on the way.

6 Packages of Indomie "Mie Goreng"

Instant noodles are a favorite for Kinoshita. I've seen her eat massive bowls of instant Pho, five kilograms of assorted Vietnamese instant noodles, 6,028 calories of Singapore's Myojo "Mee Poh Dry" noodles, and so, so many Cup Noodles.

But the mie goreng she made for this video is some next level shit. She actually prepared the dish with eggs, shrimp, and limes when she tried to copy the image on the packaging. And in the process she made a bowl of Indonesian fried noodles that's probably 1,000 times fancier than anything for sale at the kaki lima down the block.

This meal would be an instant case of diabetes or liver problems for most people. But Kinoshita is not most people.

International Cup Noodle Battle Royal

You might not know this, but Nissin Foods makes a "Rasa Gulai Ayam Melayu" flavored Cup Noodle. Kinoshita sure knew it and somehow she got her hands on five servings of the stuff. But instead of just eating all those noodles, she decided to pit it against some German flavored "GER Champignons" noodles. So that's ten servings of Cup Noodles in a single sitting.

How the hell does she do it? Japanese fans were wondering the same thing when someone decided to get her tested by a team of doctors on live television. The doctors tested out three theories: 1) that she has low blood sugar and her brain never sends the signals saying she full, 2) that her body temperature rose while she ate and she burned off the calories faster than she could consume new ones, or 3) that she has some kind of weird expandable stomach.

They put Kinoshita through an insane amount of tests. Ever wonder what a person looks in infrared as they eat? Yeah, me neither. But now I know (the answer is blue).

So what did the docs figure out? Her stomach is superhuman. Her stomach had expanded to 66 times its normal size by the time she was done eating. Here's an image from some Japanese talk show that illustrates how bizarre that looks.

"I previously thought the food would flow straight through the duodenum or the intestines," Dr. Saito, of the Hachioji Clinic in Tokyo, said in the video. "But it didn't happen."

In the whole spectrum of super powers, elastic stomach wouldn't be my first choice. But then again, I've never felt what it's like to down thousands of calories of instant noodles in one sitting. Now if we can only figure out how the hell she stays so thin.