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'Need For Speed: Payback' Wants to Be Adopted Into the 'Fast' Family

And that is a very, very good thing.

At today's EA press event at E3, the company released a trailer (and showed some gameplay) for Need For Speed: Payback, and holy hell, are they ever going after a The Fast and the Furious vibe. There is a "family," planning a wacky, ridiculous, high-octane heist. The characters are all familiar—to each other and to anyone who has watched one of the movies—and they know how to pull everything off.

There are porny-looking cars, shined up in all their glory against the desert sun and sands. And there are stunts—big, bold, call-911, but don't really, because everyone is fine—stunts.

And the acting! The acting is surely the best part, outside of the actual gameplay on display. As big and bold and proudly affected as it is in the movies, with a sense of purpose and teamwork inside of the action. There's even a lady on top of a speeding truck, reminiscent of Michelle Rodriguez' infamous stunt in the 2009 reboot.

I am nowhere near the fast and the furious scholar that many of my colleagues are (including Cameron Kunzelman), but I've played a Need for Speed or seven, and can safely say that I would heartily enjoy this gently goofy vibe in the next game.

The game will arrive on November 10.