Drunk Iowa Football Player Arrested After Mistaking a Cop Car for an Uber

Brady Reiff tried to open the front door first, noticed a cop in there, and then tried to move to the back seat before being arrested for public intoxication.
Photo via PXhere.

University of Iowa defensive tackle Brady Reiff, 22, was arrested in the early morning hours of Saturday for public intoxication. How was he caught? Because he walked up to a parked cop car and tried to open it, thinking it was an Uber.

Reiff approached the UI cruiser around 2 AM and first started with the passenger door—except a police officer was already sitting there, according to Cedar Rapids-based The Gazette. So Reiff decided to try to open the back door and get in.


Here's what happened next, per The Gazette:

When asked what he was doing, police said Reiff asked for a ride home. “He thought that was our job,” the police report states.

When asked if he thought the vehicle was an Uber, police said Reiff replied “Yes.”

Reiff's BAC was .204, which is twice the legal driving limit (at 6'3" and 272 pounds, nonetheless). The UI Athletic Director Gary Bartra said that his department is investigating the matter.

Let's at least give the guy credit for making the responsible decision to get a ride home instead of trying to drive himself. Maybe the cops should have recognized that, made themselves actually useful, and just given him a ride home? Cops…