LeBron's Love Affair with Wine Took a Brief Hiatus

LeBron James after giving up wine for two weeks: "Made me want wine more."
October 4, 2018, 8:11pm
Photo via Instagram/@kingjame

I have this really nice image in my head of LeBron James at a bachelor party, wearing a "Rosé All Day" shirt. You should probably have that image too, because LeBron James? Not only basketball's arguable GOAT, but maybe even the GOAT of wine as well.

The King's taste for the finest vines in the land is fairly well known; The man shares a bit of his oenophilic adventures on the socials from time to time. It adds up: LeBron is stupid rich, he tries to stay in shape, and there's always some study or another saying that wine is good for you, somehow. So you'd imagine it would attract an athlete as a healthy alternative to beer and liquor.


But apparently, LeBron decided to take a break from his funny grapes as part of two-week health cleanse. Here are his thoughts and feelings on the matter:

LeBrons: they're just like us! I too enjoy alcohol, but despite having been a waiter for several years at various fancy restaurants, I had a woefully limited understanding of wines. I once poured a glass of red into a white wine glass for a top New York restaurant critic. (This is apparently a bad thing to do to a fancypants.)

Wine all just tastes like old grape juice to me. Which it is. But LeBron apparently has a ridiculous palate. Or just knows which wines are nice. Here, for example, is a night of drinking (with a guest list that included Kevin Love, and lord knows how many others) that racked up a $1,203 price tag, according to SB Nation:

He really likes to share with buds:

He even once Instagrammed a $4,000 wine night he spent sipping and singing:

And just in case you thought he didn't enjoy rosé all day:

So how much money did LeBron save in his two weeks away from wine? Unclear. But maybe enough to fund another school. Because damn—the man has expensive tastes.