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Watch a Circle of Emoji Cops Beat Up a Smartphone in This Glitch Art Series

In the 40th issue of FELT Zine, VCRs live on through the retro glitch art of Thomas McMahan.
Images courtesy of FELT Zine

A series of glitchy psychedelic video art combines retro 90s flair with more contemporary CGI subjects and design in the 40th issue of FELT Zine. The abstract vignettes that make up this rare video based issue of FELT were made by experimental filmmaker and Emmy-nominated animator Thomas McMahan (Outstanding Title Design - Marvel's Jessica Jones, 2016). His works mimic a VHS style glitch with nostalgic video filters that distort and abstract different 3D-rendered characters and scenarios.


There are certain sociopolitical undertones embedded within the work. One video sees a circle of smiley-face emoji cops beating a cell phone with their batons. In another piece, McMahan uses a screen grab of a news channel reporting on the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place in Orlando last year.

In addition to passion projects like this, McMahan directs music videos and produces commissioned work for companies like Nike and MTV. Check out some more of his works from the 40th issue of FELT:

Check out the 40th Issue of FELT Zine here. See more work by Thomas McMahan on his website.


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