gif six pack

Animated Eagles Squad Up for July 4th

This Independence Day, GIF Six-Pack flies where eagles dare.
June 30, 2017, 6:43pm

The majestic bald eagle, mainstay of American buying power, landmarks, and bro-y tank tops, get an Independence Day breather in these star-spangled GIFs from the denizens of the internet. Scorpion Dagger, a.k.a., James Kerr, might be from Canada, but what's more American than his loop of Jesus riding an eagle? Nothing, except maybe Aimee Pong's hot dog-gulping bird of prey or Ethan Barnowski's 40 oz to freedom haliaeetus leucocephalus. (The real answer? How about urban decline, civil rights, and a dash of ingenuity?).


Whether you're planning a 4th of July BBQ or inviting a Tinder date over for some pyrotechnics and chill, this flock of eagles will be the wind beneath your wings, dutifully projecting royalty, authority, patriotism, a love of raw fish—whatever you need.

Scorpion Dagger

Zach Scott

Ethan Barnowsky

Aimee Pong


Barrel Roll

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