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VICE News Roundup: What The Midterms Mean For The Environment

The election is projected to be the most expensive in history and environmental issues loom large in some of the tightest races.
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Tuesday's Election Day and Republicans are hoping to take control of Congress. For the past couple of weeks, VICE News has been covering some of the tightest midterm races and investigating what's at stake for the environment and climate change.

Let's begin out west, where Colorado's key Senate race is a battle for America's environment.

Jared Polis represents Boulder and is an advocate for putting a price on carbon emissions.


Young people have the most at stake in this election: an interview with Rep. Jared Polis

VICE News correspondent Ari Ratner traveled to Kansas in search of the Keystone XL pipeline and its impact on the midterm elections.

While the environment and climate change have become bonafide campaign issues in some races, in West Virginia the candidates are fighting over who's the greater champion of coal.

In North Carolina, incumbent Kay Hagan is neck-and-neck with Thom Thillis, a climate change denier.

Environmental groups target key midterm fight for North Carolina Senate seat

Scott Brown's trying to unseat Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire and environmental groups think concerns about climate change might invigorate the electorate.

Climate voters might decide tight New Hampshire Senate race

Across the country concerns about protecting the environment are clashing with the boom in domestic oil and gas production. Ari Ratner checks out what's going on in Colorado.

Colorado's great divide: oil and the environment

Environmental groups are spending big during the midterms and it seems to be paying off.

Support for action on climate change grows among swing state voters.

And, finally, in Michigan a candidate's environmentalism might be a winning strategy.

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