Batman Shows His Dick in a New Comic and It's Really Something

The brief full frontal nudity in 'Damned #1' is hard to catch.
September 19, 2018, 5:22pm
DC Comics

Update 09/19 3:58 PM: It's come to light that DC has censored the Bat-dong in the online version of the comic. Gotham's most mysterious genitals will be only be available in physical copies of Damned.

Update 09/20 5:13 PM: Batman's penis will be edited out of all future print editions of Damned #1, in addition to the digital one, a source told IGN on Thursday.

As Martin Scorsese and Joaquin Phoenix prepare to flip the story of the Joker upside-down, a new Batman comic book reveals a new, darker side of the Dark Knight: the inside of his tights. Bruce Wayne's semi-flaccid member is revealed, lurking in the shadows of his exposed crotch, in a panel midway through the debut of a three-issue miniseries called Damned. Much like the World's Greatest Detective stalking a criminal, it's a dick so sneaky you might miss it. To see it, swipe to the third panel.

Catch it?

Honestly, it's kind of, er, hard to make out. So here it is again, brightened and circled in red. Because why not?

The Bat-phallus was revealed in Damned #1, the first issue from DC's mature Black Label imprint. The story follows the Circumcised Crusader as he grapples with amnesia and tries to solve the Joker's murder—and no, the culprit isn't Tommy Wiseau's awful impression of the supervillain. There will be two more issues of Damned, which means at least two more opportunities for writers Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo to give the Bat-Schlong the spotlight it deserves.

Black Label also has a gritty Superman series called Year One slated for November, and The Other History of the DC Universe in December, which means readers may get to see all manner of super-cocks before the year is out. Let's just hope none of them bear a horrifying resemblance to Toad.

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