Listen to the Chopped-Not-Slopped Version of Thundercat's 'Drunk'

Thundercat is selling this official OG Ron C edit on vinyl, too.

A truly heartwarming story over the past few years has been witnessing the expansion of OG Ron C's Chopstars beyond the realms of rap. Frank Ocean's Blonde and an album inspired by Moonlight featuring Arcade Fire and MGMT edits all received the "chopped-not-slopped" treatment, and now Thundercat is the latest to take a dip in the violet waters of the Houston crew's signature methods. Last year's great Drunk has an entire remix courtesy of the Chopstars, meaning that you can now not only enjoy Thundercat's dexterous jams stretched out like molasses, but also discover what leaned-out Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins sound like. This is absolutely the future that yacht rock was headed towards.


The Chopstars edit of Drunk is also coming out as a double-vinyl set, coloured purple, naturally. You can pre-order that here and listen to the entire album below.

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