Remains of 6 people found at property tied to alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur

Some of the body parts recovered from planters at the home belonged to Andrew Kinsman, police confirmed
February 8, 2018, 7:51pm
Canadian Press

Over the last week and a half, Toronto police have uncovered the remains of six people on a property connected to alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur.

Some of the body parts belong to Andrew Kinsman, one of the men who went missing from Toronto’s Gay Village last spring, police confirmed in a press conference outside the Mallory Crescent home on Thursday. The other five have yet to be identified.


McArthur, a landscaper who was arrested in January and has been charged with five counts of first degree murder, used to mow the homeowner’s lawn, and in exchange he was allowed to store tools and equipment in the property’s garage.

The 66-year-old is accused of killing Kinsman, Selim Esen, Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Mahmudi and Dean Lisowick. Det. Sgt. Frank Indinga told reporters he anticipates that more charges will be laid.

The remains of six people were found in planters taken from the house — police are going through a total of 15 planters. They’re also searching 30 properties across the Greater Toronto Area tied to McArthur’s business and continue to encourage anyone who had work done by him at their home to contact them.

While they’ve finished examining the interior of the property, police are now set to begin the excavation of the home’s backyard. They’ve been heating an area of the ground, and are waiting for it to thaw.

“It is getting bigger and we are getting more resources,” said Idsinga. “It’s going to be a very, very extensive investigation.”

Multiple teams of forensic officers have been going through McArthur’s Thorncliffe apartment, and police are also interested in excavating a second property, although they haven’t released details about where it is.

Police will eventually go through “hundreds” of outstanding missing persons cases, Idsinga said, but for now they’re focusing on the remains and evidence already uncovered about McArthur.