German Figure Skater Somehow Decided to Skate to 'Schindler's List' Song

And Nicole Schott wasn't even the first German figure skater to do a routine to a song from the film.
Photo by Robert Deutsch—USA TODAY Sports

Some really rough—and lowball—estimates guess that there are 97 million songs out there in the world. There are predictions—based on 16 beats—that there are 30 trillion songs that we can possibly make. Hell, Spotify has 30 million plus, alone.

Yet of all of those songs, German figure skater Nocole Schott decided to choose one from Steven Spielberg's 1993 film Schindler's List—a movie about the Holocaust. What on earth was she thinking?


Yes, sure, it's a beautiful song. John Williams won a Best Original Score Oscar for it. But it's definitely a mournful song, reminiscent of a Klezmer fiddle. One Twitter user decided to splice imagery of her skating with footage from the film, just to hammer the point home:

This isn't the first time a skater has done a routine to this song in particular, either. In Sochi, Russian skater Yulia Lipnitskaya did a routine dressed as the girl in the red coat to it in Sochi four years ago.

That performance drummed up some controversy as well, but even that wasn't the first time the song had been used. Way back in 1994 at the World Professional Figure Skating Championships, East German skater Katarina Witt—no, Schott was not the first German to skate to a song from Schindler's List—performed to another song from Williams's score:

Here's a fresh idea: choose another song.