Aries, June 2018
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Aries, June 2018

Your ruling planet Mars begins its retrograde this month!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

It’s Gemini season, and you’re busy as hell! But this is a good thing—you’re enjoying connecting with people and getting things taken care of. The energy is bright and cheerful, and you’re feeling playful and curious. Chatty Mercury will make an easy connection with your ruling planet Mars on June 1, creating an exciting vibe in your social life; this will be a fantastic time to network. Venus will make a harmonious connection with Jupiter on June 1, deepening the emotional connection with between yourself and your intimate partners, and it will connect with Neptune on June 2, creating a whimsical and romantic mood. You’ll find yourself sharing secrets and exploring your sensuality and creativity on this day.


Things will get much more intense after this cute weekend is over, unfortunately: The Sun will meet Mercury on June 5, bringing an important conversation or idea your way. The energy will be confident; however, it could be a touch obnoxious, too. Venus will oppose Pluto on the same day, so this is surely going to be one fucking hell of day… Sweet, sexy Venus can be very kinky when Pluto is around; however, difficult energy will be in the air, and you’ll have to rise above it. Don’t sink to their level, as your mentors have said about your bullies—and indeed, bullies may abound during this time. Bring in a third party to help mediate in case you’re not able to easily and swiftly remove yourself from any difficult situations. Watch out for manipulation, obsession, and jealousy. If a situation has been brewing that involves envy or any sort of bratty or tyrannical behavior, it will come to a climax now.

Communication issues will be rough this week, due to logical Mercury squaring off with nonsensical Neptune on June 6. You might not have words for things on this day—don’t push it. Save important conversations for later. Remember that it’s OK to cry. Don’t get swept up in paranoia on June 7, when the Sun also clashes with hazy Neptune. Instead, make an extra effort to ground yourself; use the dreamy energy to engage in spiritual practice or make art. (Neptune is the planet of fantasy, but also of delusion.)


Communication planet Mercury enters intuitive water sign Cancer on June 12, boosting your psychic powers and finding you feeling nostalgic. You’ll be busy doing things around the house, as well as connecting with loved ones and family. You’ll also find yourself thinking and talking about your childhood, your ancestors, your emotions, and your need for security, safety, privacy, and boundaries. Cancer has been called a crybaby by astrologers… again, Aries, if you need to cry, just do it! Holding it in doesn’t do you any good. Talk about your feelings, little ram.

Also: You have a strong offense, but what about your defense? Cancer the crab has a lovely, hard shell, and as Cancer season approaches, you’ll be encouraged to figure out what your protective shell looks like, both on a mundane level—like your home or living situation—and spiritually, too.

Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on June 13, bringing blessings to the romance and creativity sector of your chart. This will be a fantastic time to get with a crush!

There will be a new moon in Gemini June 13, creating a fresh start around communication and helping you see things in a new light—but only if you can trust your inner voice and not let all the outside noise influence you too much! It’s so important to know who you are. If you do, this new moon in playful Gemini will find you confidently building new bridges and connecting with people.


Good will vibes will be flowing, as Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on the same day, bringing blessings to the romance and creativity sector of your chart. This will be a fantastic time to get with a crush! Or to go party, or to make some art. The mood will be celebratory: Regal Leo knows how to have a ball.

Neptune begins its retrograde in Pisces on June 18. This will be a good time time to get a dream dictionary and journal, because you’re going to have some intense nights! Expect a ton of emotional processing to take place. Your imagination and your intuition will be ultra boosted. Be careful not to get swept up by fantasies or paranoia, but do play with the whimsical energy in the air. Mercury will connect with Jupiter on June 19 and with Neptune on June 20, which will make for some emotionally charged conversations. This will be a fantastic time to get things off your chest or to explore your subconscious mind with a therapist. Magic will be in the air… but this won’t a fab time for doing anything that really requires logic or reason. On top of that, people will be exaggerating a lot, so focus on spiritual pursuits over serious conversations!

Venus will oppose your planetary ruler Mars on June 21 creating a delightfully competitive energy. Flirtatious vibes will be in the air! The mood will be indulgent as hell on June 25 when Venus clashes with Jupiter; over-the-top decadence will abound, making this a fantastic time to party. So fantastic, in fact, that you might want to take a few days off work. Definitely go on a date! Or make time to make art.

The most crucial day for you to circle in your calendar this month is June 26 when your ruling planet Mars begins its retrograde in air sign Aquarius. Who do you want to align yourself with? Which friendships or associations do you need to move on from? And, on a deeper level, what are you fighting for, anyway? What are your hopes, your dreams? Mars will be retrograde all summer—until August 27, to be exact—and toward the ends of its retrograde, you will find yourself also wondering about your direction in your career and if it’s time to re-strategize.

Career stuff will actually already be front and center for you during the full moon in Capricorn on June 28. A big culmination around a professional goal will arrive. The mood will be exhausting and emotional, but this full moon will demand maturity and endurance. Don’t overbook yourself, but be mindful of your responsibilities. Full moons are a time of climax, and now that you’re releasing your work into the world, recognition may arrive. The full moon in Capricorn isn’t just activating the sector of your chart that rules your career, but also your reputation and popularity—you’re many things, Aries, and while you’re well known for being impulsive, try show off the more grown-up and thoughtful side of yourself during this full moon.

Mercury enters fire sign Leo on June 29, finding you chatting with all of your crushes, in a busy mood, making art, and hitting up parties—Mars may be retrograde, which will be a low-energy time, but you can still muster up the energy to celebrate the summer. Good luck this June, and see you in July, dear ram!