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A$AP Rocky Debuts 'TESTING' Cover in Very Weird Livestream

A$AP Rocky was part of a very strange performance art piece at Sotheby's, which ended with him displaying his new album's artwork.

A$AP Rocky has just completed his very strange 'Lab Rat' livestream, which involved him, A$AP Ferg and a bunch of dancers/performance artists putting themselves through a heap of weird tests and performances over the course of an hour or so. The performance was hosted at Sotheby's, and only announced by Rockya couple of hours before it started. The event was part of the album rollout for Rocky's upcoming third album, TESTING, which the Harlem rapper has been teasing for a few months now, most recently with the release of the Moby-sampling first single "A$AP Forever" and an accompanying performance on Fallon.


The Sotheby's livestream continued the Fallon performance's industrial aesthetic, and the announcement was accompanied by the hashtag #TESTINGTHEWATERS. While most of the video is just Rocky inside a science lab being experimented on, the end of the livestream shows Rocky with a copy of TESTING, with its official artwork, in his hand. At around 2hrs 15secs you can also hear Rocky say the album is "complete as of today". Watch the full video above.

Rocky confirmed that the album was done after the performance via Twitter and Instagram, posting the album's artwork. TESTING doesn't yet have a release date or tracklist, but billboards and posters promoting the album have been put up.

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