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PUSHA-T Says the Drake Beef Is "Over"

PUSHA-T also explains his investigative skills in an interview with Vanity Fair: "People love me and people are disloyal as fuck."
L: Chris McKay/Getty Images
R: Matt Seger for Noisey

After a two-week-long war-of-words that involved diss tracks, an old photo, and a weirdly timed press release, the beef between PUSHA-T and Drake is over. Push himself confirmed the new detente in an interview with Dan Adler at Vanity Fair, published last night. "These conversations have been had, and, to my knowledge, it’s all over. It’s all over with," the rapper said. "I’m ready to be back to the music for real. Just feeding my base, that’s it. That’s the most important thing to me at all times."


A quick recap: this whole thing got started two weeks ago when PUSHA-T released his Kanye West-produced third studio album, DAYTONA. On "Infrared," the record's closer, Push referenced Quentin Miller, who allegedly ghostwrote for Drake years ago, and compared the Toronto rapper to Donald Trump. Drake responded almost immediately with a new song "Duppy Freestyle," which seemed like it might actually land until Push replied with "The Story of Adidon," a take-down so precise and meticulously researched that it left everyone a little shaken up.

Adler asks Push about that, too:

Here’s a question I’ve seen a lot. You talk about Russia on the album and people talk about you now as an investigative journalist. Where did that photo come from? Do you have a team of researchers?

No, man, people love me.

They feed you tips?

People really love me, man. People love me and people are disloyal as fuck. People are so disloyal, man, it’s so weird.

It was a good and tender beef.

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