Visit This DIY Museum to Classic Arcade Games in Jakarta
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Visit This DIY Museum to Classic Arcade Games in Jakarta

The place where your childhood dreams of living in an arcade come true.

There are few things better at fighting off boredom than losing yourself in a hot new game. But what about the classics? GX7, a 37-year-old collector, wondered the same thing. So he began to collect classic video games, consoles, and even old arcade cabinets.

I got a chance to visit his mind-blowing arcade museum a few weeks ago and I was instantly transported back to the '80s, to a time of noisy arcades and 16-bit pixel beat 'em ups. GX7 told me that he loves more than just the games. His collection is also a way to appreciate the design, packaging, and music that came with classic games. It was also a way to get his hands on some games he really, really wanted to own as a kid, but didn't have the money to buy.


In total, GX7's collection is still a modest five arcade cabinets, 10 game consoles, and dozens of games. He bought most of them in Indonesia, but some rarer items had to be purchased abroad in Japan. His most-precious finds are cartridges of the overhead shooter Tatsujin Oh and Sailor Moon games. The console games aren't impossible to find, but it definitely takes some work to figure out where to get the parts needed to get his arcade cabinets up and running.

Take a look at the photos below: