This story is over 5 years old.


Pressa and FridaiNite Are Feeling Bright and Luminescent On "Flashy"

FridaiNiteLites returns with a bang.

Pressa's music is often fluorescent and sparkly despite his tough, dark subject matter. Thus, it makes sense for him to team up with fellow Torontonian FridaiNite for "Flashy," a song that's lit, but in the sense that it's about actual light sources. It's also the latest chapter in hip-hop that quantifies confidence through a cool, catchy adjective ("Ridin' Dirty," "So Icey," etc.).

"We were out in London and I was sent an instrumental titled 'Flashy,'" says FridaiNite. "So I just came up with a hook right on the spot that Pressa was feeling, he banged out hot verses and that was that." FriDaiNite's upcoming project is amazingly titled I'm Fried Dai & Nite and is dropping September 1st. Listen to "Flashy" below.